Hilary's Night


I wasn’t a big fan of Hilary Clinton in the Democratic campaign and I think she has only herself (and advisors) to blame for the fact that she gave her big speech on Tuesday and not Thursday. But man what a nice speech she gave.

Of course the best line was “were you in it for me or for that young marine? and the others like him who have struggled over the past 8 years. I think that should really hit home with a lot of Clinton supporters who have been reluctant to support Obama. I also liked the reaction shots of Bill Clinton who looked so proud of his wife. They must have one complicated relationship. He obviously loves and admires her but at the same time can’t (or couldn’t) help himself from cattin’ about. I’ll leave that to issue to the psychologists.

Republicans are Borg-like in their response that Clinton didn’t address Obama’s experience issue, which she hammered at so effectively at the end of their campaign. Thing is if she had addressed it, they would have accused her for changing tunes, saying something she doesn’t mean.

Bottom line is that Hilary Clinton told her supporters “I’m not going to be your therapist.? There’s a real election going on here with real issues. McCain means more of the past 8 years, Obama means a new future. That’s way more important than whether or not Hilary Clinton is given her proper due/ With this speech, the issue of the Clinton voters has been effectively been put to bed. Will 100% of Clinton’s supporters vote for Obama? No. Probably a small percentage will never vote for Obama. Will it have any noticeable impact on the Presidential race. No it won’t. It would be nice if the media moved on to something that did.


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