John Edwards and the late, not-so-great Hilary Campaign


So Johnny “Ken Doll� Edwards was bangin’ his videographer. But it’s o.k. his wife was in remission from cancer when it happened. I don’t who care who Edwards nails, just don’t do it if you’re gonna run for president. Just think how crazy this past weekend would have been if Edwards was the Democratic nominee? He could’ve sunk any chance of Democrats picking up the White House. Sheez, what a self-centered jerk.

Now a spokesperson for the Hillary Clinton campaign has said that if news of Edwards affair had come out before the Iowa Caucus’ Hilary would be the nominee. It so easy to play the “what if� game but here are some pretty well known facts that greatly contributed to Hilary losing the nomination, a contest in which she started out with all the advantages:

1. She didn’t take Obama seriously until too late.
2. Positioned herself as the “experience� candidate when Americans clearly wanted “change�
3. Had no strategy for after Super Tuesday
4. Had no strategy to gain delegates in large caucus states
5. Blew through $100 million dollars by the time of the Iowa and New Hampshire contests and was basically broke the rest of the campaign.

There is an absolutely fascinating article in the Atlantic that shows how ineptitude, internal strife, and indecision drove the Hilary campaign to its ultimate fate. Click here for the link. For someone who said she was ready to lead from day 1, the suckiness Clinton and her top aides brought to the campaign seriously makes me question whether or not she would have made a good, even competent president. Sorry John Edwards had nothing to do with your loss Hilary, all you need to do is look in the mirror.


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This means that Eastern Europe would not be left alone in the case of energy blackmail or crisis and that the EU as a political body would be obliged to support those countries even at the cost of aggravating relations with Moscow.


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