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Tropic Thunder


I have to admit when I first saw the trailers for the movie Tropic Thunder I was uninterested. The movie looked kinda dumb and the premise -- a movie crew is stuck in the jungle and don’t realize that they are in real trouble and not filming a move – seemed a little far fetched. Then I saw a new trailer in front of The Dark Knight and the movie looked a lot more interesting. Finally the reviews came out very positively so I had to see it.

Well no disappointments here. Tropic Thunder is hilarious. The movie is really a big spoof on Hollywood and self-important actors, cheesy action movies, and cliché that pass for dialogue in today’s “event? movies. The opening, a war scene that practically rivals Saving Private Ryan, would be horrifying if it wasn’t so over the top, including fountains of blood that can only be described as Pythonesque. Tom Cruise is amazing as an out of shape, balding studio producer, and there are numerous cameos from Alicia Silverstone to Jon Voight.

The jokes come fast and furious and the movie can tend to be a bit silly at times but the movie is fast paced and doesn’t get bogged down. If you ever wanted Ben Stiller to extend one of his MTV Movie Awards skits to a full length feature – and pull it off – this movie is a must see. This is definitely a "guy movie" as there are practically no women, save for a few cameos, in the entire film. It also has humour more geared toward a guy's sensibility. Fun to go to with your teenage son (like I did) or with a bunch of buds to get away from the gymnastics competitions on TV.

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