Twins at the Road Trip - Can They Do It?



When the Twins season started nearly 5 months ago fans were nervous. The team had an awful off-season, losing Torii Hunter to the Angels, trading Johan Santana to the Mets for a bunch of minor leaguers, signing aging, washed-up veterans Craig Monroe and Livan Hernandez, trading two promising youngsters to Tampa , and signing half of the Astros infield, both of whom didn’t offer a whole lot of promise. Most felt that this Twins team was slated for about 72-78 wins.

Most of our concerns have come true: Monroe and Hernandez added very little and have been released; after some early success, the only player in the Santana trade to be in the majors has struggled of late; former Astros Mike Lamb and Adam Everett have been non-factors too. Mike Lamb barely even plays anymore. Garza and Bartlett have helped propel the Rays to the top of the American League East while the players we got in return have been serviceable but not great. Oh and Michael Cuddyer has been hurt most of the year. As predicted, the Twins are at 72 wins. The thing is, there are still 36 games left to the season and the Twins are only a game out of first.

How did that happen? Well first and foremost the Twins starting pitching has been much better than expected. Five starters under the age of 26 and all have done very well. No one thought that these pitchers would do so well. Morneau, Mauer, and Jason Kubel have been stellar at the plate and Casilla and Span have surprised. The bullpen has been good, especially early, although causing concern now.

Now due to the Republican National Convention, the Twins are going on a 14 game, 15 day road trip to Anaheim, Oakland, Seattle, and Toronto. The next 24 of 30 games are on the road. In the next two weeks besides knowing who the Vice Presidential candidates are, we will know if the Twins have a shot at the playoffs. These next 14 games are crucial. Thankfully 7 games are against the stinky Athletics and Mariners, while the Angels have put it on autopilot and haven’t been playing as well. Toronto, well, they’re Toronto.

Twins need to win 8 or 9 games on this road trip to keep pace with the White Sox. Plain and simple. This road trip makes or breaks this season. They’ve surprised all summer, (or as Paul Allen says: “The Summer of Stun?) can they surprise one more time?


I think they can.

Especially when you look at the Tighty-Whities sked for the same span and their's isn't exactly a cakewalk, either.

They host the Rays, then go on the road to Baltimore, Boston and Cleveland.

As it has been said, this road trip will determine a lot. I was one of those guys who said the Twins would win about 75 games.

Most years, the Twins pleasantly surprise me while the Vikings let me down. Maybe it's a different set of expectations.

Just back from Dolphin Mall Outlet - things do seem to be picking up. Are others feeling the same?


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