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We survived the RNC and Hurricane Palin! Over 800 people arrested, a police force that would make any dictatorship smile, and some cool music were some of things that happened here but were not really reported nationally. Click here and here for some fun reviews. I wish I had gone to that Mad Ripple Hootenany. It was only a couple of miles from my home. Here’s your Friday Top 10:

1. Train Train – Billy Bragg
2. Paper Tiger – Beck
3. Mansion on the Hill – Bruce Springsteen
4. Rock Hard – Alex Chilton
5. Dust Pneumonia Blues – Woody Guthrie
6. She Ain’t Got the Beat – The Blasters
7. I’ll Never Leave Home Again – Tom Jones
8. Pyramid – Wolfmother
9. Look What You’ve Done for Me – Al Green
10. Leap Frog – Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie

Wow, 7 of the songs are from solo artists and that Bird and Diz song is one of my shortest at 15 seconds. What’s your top 10.


Bryan Ferry "Miss Otis Regrets" As Time Goes By
Yoko Ono and Yo La Tengo "Hedwig's Lament/Exquisite Corpse" Wig in a Box: Songs from and Inspired by Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Giant Sand "Resolver" Ramp
The Klezmer Conservatory Band "In Memoriam: For Yitzhak Rabin" Dancing in the Aisles
Brian Eno "Fractal Zoom" (Naive Mix II) Fractal Zoom ep
Peter Case "Breaking the Chain" Torn Again
Mingus Big Band "Invisible Lady" Nostalgia in Times Square
Wilco "Kamera" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Matthew Sweet "Evergreen" Altered Beast
Alex Chilton "Single Again" Set

Frou Frou "The Dumbing Down of Love" Details

One of those lists that's more interesting than good. Still, any cut that brings together Greg Leisz and Robert Quine can't be all bad, and not just for the Scrabble points. And then that Chilton cover of Gary Stewart is quite fine.

If you like Billy Bragg, you should have come out to Take Back Labor Day at Harriet Island.

That was a pretty good show and the obnoxious cops were not hard to avoid if you know your way around St. Paul at all.

I almost went to that show Snyder but that the boss lady had other plan for Labor Day. Heard it was a great show.


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