Friday Random Top 10


The White Sox are practically giving the Central Division to the Twins but they refuse to take it. Another long road trip, hopefully this one is more successful. As a send off gift to the Twins, here’s a weekly top 10:

Berkeley Mews – The Kinks
Footsteps – Paul Westerberg
Norwegian Wood – The Beatles
Roamin’ Around – The Super Suckers
Blister in the Sun – The Violent Femmes
Pinball Wizard – The Who
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Evonce – Thelonious Monk
Like I Do – Guided By Voices
It’s Not Over Yet – Klaxons

Nice little mix with half the songs 40 years old or so. None are a particular favorite nor do I dislike any of them. Pretty benign basically. What’s your top 10?


The Replacements "Hootenanny" Hootenanny
Spoon "Paper Tiger" Kill the Moonlight
Television "Blank Generation" (live at CBGB's) Spurts: The Richard Hell Story
The Holmes Brothers "You're Good for Me" Promised Land
Sonny Rollins "Sweet Leilani" This Is What I Do
East River Pipe "I Am a Small Mistake" Mel
Freedy Johnston "Wheels" Can You Fly
Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" Remain in Light
Suzanne Vega "Tom's Diner (Reprise)" Solitude Standing
The Spanic Boys "All Calms Down" Strange World

The Pooh Sticks "Sweet Baby James" The Great White Wonder

That's a list, not always great but always something. An odd version of one of punk's anthems that proves I do like Quine better than Verlaine, some soul, some jazz, one of the best least known albums of the '90s, one of the best songs period, an ok song from one of the best father-son combos and we go out with Hue Pooh and the gang. I'll take it.

You do know that Palin photo is photo-shopped, right?

Not that it makes it any less hilarious, though! :-)

Hey Snyder I knew that but thought even though she's never been photographed like that, it wasn't something out of the realm of possibility. I have changed the photo to something that has not been photoshopped.


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