Getting Ready for the Debate

The McCain campaign aims to halt what it sees as a perceived decline in the crispness and precision of Gov. Palin's latest remarks...

Since I am guessing I will be talking about the big Twins-White Sox game tomorrow and Thursday, I wanted to put in an early plug for the big Palin-Biden debate this coming Thursday. The above quote is from a very eye-opening Wall Street Journal article about the debate prep work surrounding Sarah Palin. What I think is really interesting is all the staff work that is being invested in Palin and this debate. I’m sure that staff could be doing something else, like crafting a coherent McCain response to the economic crisis we are facing, but hey they have to put out the fire of the day I guess.

Now we’ve all seen the cringe-inducing Katie Couric interviews and the spot-on SNL spoof. And yesterday Grampa McCain had to chaperone Palin at another Couric interview, which didn’t exactly help inspire confidence. Interest is now sky-high for Thursday’s debate: Will Palin look like a dolt? Will Joe Biden be too aggressive? What’s the over/under on the number of stupid things Biden will say?

Expectations are so low for Palin that if she doesn’t get physically ill on stage, it will be considered a “good performance.? Personally I think she will do o.k. She’ll make her digs against Obama and the Dems, probably not make a major gaffe and survive the day. The media off course will overreact and think she’s turned a corner. In the end it won’t matter much, Sarah Palin is not going to bring a whole lot of independents to the ticket and it will be the economy that determines the outcome of the election, not how Sarah Palin performs in her debate against Joe Biden. But it will sure be fun to watch, like a NASCAR race, hoping to see a crash, not necessarily seeing who will win.


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