McCain puts McCain first



Governor Sarah Palin has belonged to a political party that has part of its platform Alaska’s secession from the United States. When she was mayor of a town of 9,000 people, she increased the City’s debt from zero to $22 million dollars. She was an earmark queen, hiring a Washington lobbyist to bring in more federal tax $$$ to her City. In most cases this would disqualify her from major political office in the Republican Party. But tonight she will be lauded and bestowed with love from the Party’s faithful. Why?

Because she is a conservative. Besides the views described above, Palin is anti-abortion, including when the life of the mother is in danger. She wanted to ban books from her town’s library. She’s a global warming denier and wants to open up her state to more drilling for oil. She believes that our troops in Iraq were on a mission from God. In short she is Karl Rove’s wet dream: a conservative women, relatively young, and reasonably attractive. Who cares if she has no experience and is literally a John McCain heart attack away from the Oval Office? She’s a conservative that’s all that matters.

The Sarah Palin selection once again demonstrates that Republicans care more about ideology than governing. It’s funny that the theme of the convention is “Country First.? It’s a recognition that for the last 8 years those in power have put the interests of the Republican Party above the Country. Now McCain once again has put his own re-election first. Who cares if we could be electing a 72-year old man with a history of multiple bouts of cancer. His vice presidential candidate, who garnered nearly 700 votes in her first mayoral election, will see us through. Did you know she once fished Salmon?


hey free, watching the speech right this moment. sarah talking about her wealth experience as a PTA president. that aside, rudi brought out the true ugliness in this party. a gift perhaps. we will have to wait and see.

Hi Freealonzo, you should work for the Dem's campaign. On the mark!


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