New Ballpark Ticket Prices

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As mentioned Friday, here’s a link to the Twins new ballpark where one can see the different pricing levels and by clicking on a seat, see the view from that seat. It is a very cool interactive site and anyone interested in this stuff should check it out. Twins Ballpark 2010 has a nice little analysis (as usual) and talks about how the seating may create “neighborhoods? within the ballpark.

The site also gives the average fan a look at the new ticket prices that they will be paying at Target Field. Surprise, surprise, tickets will be more expensive at the new ballpark, however not as bad as expected. First the Twins have been keeping up with the Jonses in raising ticket prices at the dome. The Home Run Porch are $20.00, it was only a few years ago that those tickets were $7.00. The dome upper deck outfield are only $7.00 but those truly are not the greatest seats based on distance from home plate. The worst thing about the Dome is that there are lots of seats that are lousy but expensive. These are the seats along the first and 3rd base line that look directly into the outfield but still cost $30.00

The nice thing about Target Field is that the prices seem to match the quality of the seat. There are 27 different price levels, including premium for front row seats. Sure there aren’t as many $10 seats as you can find at the dome, but there are a lot more quality $20 seats. Plus the way the seats hang, I think if you are in the first couple of rows in the upper deck, your seat will be about the same quality as those sitting below you, even though they will be paying a lot more for the privilege. The picture above is from a $20 seat along the first base line.

Unfortunately gone are the days when you could walk up to a ballpark and drop $5-10 for an outfield bleacher seat. But compared to other sporting events, baseball is still a bargain. The Twins seem to have realized that and are pricing their seats to match. Only 18 months to this thing opens and I hear that by this time next year, we will have turf on the ground. This place is going to be great and I am counting the days until I get to watch baseball outside.


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