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Twins. Saturday’s game was maddening! Even though they had a two run lead, you just knew the Twins were going to lose that game. Morneau’s struggles are worrisome. Nice game on Sunday but I expect Chicago to win out against the Tigers. Nick Blackburn at Chicago doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence but then again the White Sox are known chokers, so who knows what will happen. Nevertheless the Twin have had a nice season. Hopefully they are sending notes to Johan Santana asking him what’s it like in NYC. Not in the playoffs?!, oh that’s too bad.

Vikings. This is one loathsome boring team. What was your favorite Gus Frerotte moment? This offense is just plain vanilla. Especially if you watch other games and see what a real NFL offense looks like, then the Vikings offensive effort looks especially lame. This looks like a .500 team at best with Chilly given his walking papers by January 1st.

Gophers. O.k. so the Gophers are not one of the elite teams of the Big Ten. But right now I’m just looking for progress and not being embarrassed. Both were accomplished on Saturday. The game was never in doubt but at least the Gophers didn’t give up. That glimmer of hope is progress to long suffering fans. I can see this team still winning 3 maybe 4 Big Ten games. After 1-11 last year, with the promise of more progress next year, I’ll take it.

Debate. John McCain was grumpy (and what was up with that tie?) and Obama looked Presidential. Substance-wise McCain may have had the edge but that’s not what these debates are about. The debates are so the American public can get comfortable with who will be President over the next 4 years. That’s why Gore lost 8 years ago, in the debates he cleaned W’s clock, but game across as kinda jerk. McCain’s falling in that same conundrum.

Sarah Palin. Everyone’s seen the Katie Couric interview and the spot-on impersonation by SNL. For this week’s debate all she has to do is not fall off her chair and she will exceed expectations. So look for lots of spin saying she did pretty good. But so what? What exactly will happen at this week’s debate that will change the dynamic?

Baseball playoffs, Palin-Biden debate, Weezer on Friday at the X, Ted Hartwell Retrospective at MIA… looks like a fun week coming up.

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Wow, tough loss tonight. Great season. I hate that it ended this way... Now to focus on football. Go Vikes


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