Welcome to the Republican National Convention!

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I think the picture above is an apt metaphor what Republicanism has meant to this country. Eight years of George W. Bush (and 5 years of Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota) has meant that the basic infrastructure holding our country together has collapsed. I just don’t mean our bridges and highways either.

Under Republican rule we have seen a 500 billion (that’s a B folks) be converted to a $300 billion deficit. We have made no progress in global warming, we have fought a war that created more terrorists in Iraq, while the guys who actually attacked us are still alive causing havoc in Afghanistan. Gas at $4.00 an hour and heating bills promising to be the highest ever. While George Bush was partying with John McCain, a city drowned and then the Bush administration and his sympathizers in Congress tried to push the blame for the poor response onto the citizens and public officials of Louisiana.

I could go on but we all know the drill. Republicans care more about ideology and having the “right? views than governing competently. John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is just one more example of a person’s views being more important than their ability. This same song has played out time and time again under Republican rule whether it was Republican interns being shipped off to Iraq to “rebuild? the country or a horse lobbyist being hired as the head of FEMA (heckuva job!).

So in the end it does come down to our bridges and highways. The Republican mantra of no new taxes means we don’t take care of what we have. Ideology trumps governance. In Minnesota it meant the collapse of a major interstate highway and 13 deaths. It also means 4 other major bridges (Winona, Hastings, St. Cloud, Duluth) being closed or severely curtailed because the state was unwilling to fix them in a timely and prudent manner. Unfortunately what it has meant for this country is more than the inconvenience of commuters finding a new route home.

So welcome to the Republican National Convention. Thanks for screwing up the country. We just can’t wait to hear what else you have in store for us.

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"Under Republican rule we have seen a 500 billion (that’s a B folks) be converted to a $300 billion deficit."

I assume you meant $500 billion surplus?

"Gas at $4.00 an hour"

I assume you meant $4.00 per gallon?

I'll take $4/hr to play proof-reader, though. :-)


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