White Sox Choking (Again)



''It seems like they can't do anything wrong here,'' Buehrle said of the Twins, after admitting that the Sox do flinch a bit coming to the dome. ''Manager Ozzie Guillen calls them 'piranhas,' but I call them 'shitheads.' I would tell you what I really call them, but I know you couldn't print it. They get on base, bunt, steal, bloop singles -- it's fucking annoying.''

It’s a confirmed fact that the Twins have gotten in the White Sox heads over the past 6-8 years as it seems like when these two teams are neck and neck, the tighty whitey’s fold like a rolling cot in a flea bag motel. The last two nights were no different. After winning a laugher on Tuesday night, the Twins used bloop singles, situational hitting, and lousy Chicago defense to move runners into scoring position and then get them in. Couple that with a bullpen that seems to have showered off the gasoline and you have the White Sox reeling once again.

Tonight’s the big game because if the Twins lose, Chicago is back in the driver’s seat and the Twins must sweep the nothing-to-lose Royals. Let’s keep the tighty-whitey’s hands around their throats and wrap up this series tonight!


Go Twins!

I've got more of them on my fantasy team....

Hey George, hopefully your Mets can win the choke-off with the Brewers and get into the playoffs too! I'd love to see Johan pitch some more.

Last night's Mets game was one of the most painful baseball games I've ever seen. How nice of them to do that on national TV so I could feel the pain in CA.

Sorry, I'm rooting for the Brew Crew.

As much as I like Johan and appreciated his contributions to the Twins, I'll savor it more than a little if the Twins make the playoffs and the Mets don't after his bitching last year about the Twins are too cheap to contend...

Actually, my dream is the Brewers and the Mets make it and the damn Phillies lose.

Congrats about last night, Twins fans!


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