A Tale of Two Campaigns

barack rain.jpg

One rainstorm, two campaigns and two responses

"Wearing jeans, white sneakers and an insulated windbreaker, Barack Obama delivered his stump speech this morning in a chilly, steady rain in Chester, Pa.

"A little bit of rain never hurt anybody," Obama said, surveying the soaking, umbrella-covered crowd at Widener University, occasionally rubbing his hands together for warmth and squinting through the raindrops. An estimated 9,000 people turned out.

And John McCain:

"The McCain campaign announced it was postponing a rally at 1:15 p.m. in Quakertown, Pa., about one hour north of Chester, due to weather."

Add to the fact that an unnamed McCain staffer called Gov. Palin a "Whack Job" today, and you get the feeling that the wheels are starting to come off the McCain campaign bus.


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