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Black-1, White-0

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Bush beats Gore. Saruman The White aligns with Mordor. Kurt Cobain gives in to his demons. Germany invades Poland. These were dark days when blackness engulfed light, when hope was all but lost and man feared for his suddenly trembling soul. Last night it happened once again as the black clad Chicago White Sox defeated those men in white, those plucky nine-ballers from the north, the lovable, the handsome, the wet-behind-the-ears Minnesota Twins.

Oh it was close, it always is when evil toys with good. Evil can never just roll over good. The outcome must always be in doubt, it must tease, give a smattering of hope. Then, at the most opportune moment, crush. This time it was a single shot, a mammoth shot that first lifted into the black Chicago sky and then fell gently back to earth into the black Chicago stands. It was as if Dr. Henry Holmes had risen from his dark South-side parlor to administer the lethal blow himself.

So evil stands again. But only to face another purveyor of good, another Ray of light. See that’s the problem that the forces of dark must face: it can’t sustain itself. There’s always another day, the sun comes back up again. And even for the Minnesota Twins there’s next year, a year that promises to be brighter than this year. With a pitching staff that is young and strong and wise. A line-up that is swift and strong and manly. And a team that represents the light, the good, and all that is worth living on God’s good earth.


Sorry about evil.

Ha! That is great! Although I had a problem with the line:

"A line-up that is swift and strong and manly."

Give me another strong bat and I might agree with that. The M&M boys kind of dried up towards the end...

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