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While everyone is focused on the election, it’s unofficially Bob Dylan week here in Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. Tonight the festivities kick-off with an hour long discussion at Nicholson Hall by Dylan biographer and pop culture critic Greil Marcus and Director Todd Haynes who wrote and directed the very interesting Dylan film I’m Not There. I’m not sure exactly what the topic is going to be but it promises to be interesting and I will be there with a certain review tomorrow.

Saturday night events move to the Walker Art Museum where Haynes’ film I’m Not There will screen. Again Marcus and Haynes will be there -- this time to specifically discuss the film. I’m hoping to go, but who knows what the boss has planned for Saturday night. I saw I’m Not There when it came out and really enjoyed it, although it was oblique at times. In this article even Greil Marcus admits it takes a few viewings to enjoy fully so I am hoping to see the movie again, hear the discussion, and gain more insight into the movie.

Next Tuesday, election day, is the highlight. Bob Dylan will be performing at the Northrop Auditorium, his first concert ever at the University of Minnesota. As everyone knows, Bobby Zimmerman “attended? the U of MN in the early 60’s and lived only a few blocks from Northrop. Couple this homecoming with the fact that it’s election night (and an apparent Barack Obama victory that night) and it looks like a very poignant and memorable night. I’ve been checking the set lists for the Dylan shows on this tour and looks like he’s picking classic songs from all aspects of his career. I haven’t seen any reviews, but if the set list offers any clues, it looks like a not-to-miss show.

I have 18 row dead center seats and am very excited about the show. Here’s the deal to my vast readership. I also have 4 additional seats in Row 30 and am willing to sell them. They are $86.00 seats and I have them on Craigslist and Stub Hub for $200. However by this weekend if I don’t get any takers, I am willing to sell them to friends for face value. Send me a note if interested. Jeff T. and Jeff L., I know both of you are Dylan fans. Any interest in going?

Come back to these pages for my review of the Marcus-Haynes events and next week the show.


You're not throwing in plane tickets by any chance?

Have a great week! I'm a huge Marcus fan, so I'd be thrilled.

Great minds think alike. The WGOM will feature Dylan on Election Day. Thanksgiving Week brings All Things Zimmy. Stop on by.

BTW, the OST to I'm Not There is fantastic.

George, Last night was interesting. GM interviewing Haynes about film making. Marcus was typical Marcus last night: asking long-winded "questions" that were intended to show how smart GM is first and then to elicit information from Haynes second.

Haynes had a cool quote that I wrote down: Dylan lives like a strange ghost today."

Also Haynes picked seven different Dylans in his movie because "Dylan was in a constant state of immersion of ideas, exhausting them, rejecting them, and then moving on." (paraphrased but close). The different Dylans were a way to portray this process.

Good stuff.

Hey E-6, going to the show on Tuesday? Like I said above, I may have tickets if you are interested.

Free - that sounds like a great show. Thanks for the invite, but I won't be able to make it Tuesday night. The only time I've ever seen Dylan live was October of 2001 at the X after Love & Theft. Probably one of the better concerts I've ever attended.


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