Friday Random Top 10

Well Just as I predicted on Tuesday, Sarah Palin did fine in the debate, but the big story is that Joe Biden rocked! Now the Cubs are on the verge of another disappointment in the playoffs and the Brewers somehow forgot to bring their bats to Philly. Maybe both teams need a Friday Top 10 to get them out of the doldrums.

1. Turnaround -- Nirvana
2. Baby It's Cold Outside -- Ray Charles
3. Time After Time -- REM
4. It's Up to You -- The Jayhawks
5. Easy Wind -- The Grateful Dead
6. Sieve-Fisted Find -- Fugazi
7. The King Who Wouldn't Smile -- The Handsome Family
8. Rock & Roll -- Velvet Underground
9. Once is Enough -- Wire
10. Fair Touching -- Guided By Voices

Another nice list, I wonder if Kat Dennings would think I was her soul mate if she heard this list? Weezer tonight, look for a weekend review. What's your top 10?


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