Go Go Gophers


The Golden Gophers Football team is 7-1. Not the Hockey team (although they soon may be too!) not the Basketball team, the football team. Of course the most optimistic fan would have never guessed or dreamed a 7-1 record after last year’s debacle of a season.

What’s even wackier is that it is the Gopher defense that is leading the charge. Last year the defense was the worst in the country and you could make a pretty good argument that it was one of the worst defenses ever. This year they are solid and improving. Clearly Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof is going to get a lot looks over the off-season, I hope the Gophers can keep him another year.

Another key has been the play of Quarterback Adam Weber. Clearly this guy is tough as nails and seems like a natural leader. The guy’s only a redshirt Sophmore so the Gophers have a couple more years of Weber, if he keeps his health. Eric Decker is a fantastic receiver and could be an All-American. Not bad for a white guy from Sartell, Minnesota!

The weakness by far for this team is the offensive line. Injuries and inexperience has taken its toll and let’s hope the o-line improves as the season goes on. Oh and penalties. Please cut down on those stupid penalties.

The Gophers have three of their last four games at home and should be the favorite. A 10-2 season is not out of the question. None of the four remaining teams are pushovers either, and losing 4 games shouldn’t be ignored. The next two: Northwestern and Michigan at home are definitely winnable. Let’s win those two and go from there.

So it’s Homecoming Week, the Gophers are a surprising winner and columnists and Coach Brewster-haters like Patrick Reusse and Dan Barreiro have had to grudgingly give props to the Gophers. The Jug, Floyd, and The Axe are definitely obtainable. What more can a Gophers fan ask?


And the Gophers are now #17 in the BCS Standings and ranked #20 in both the AP and Coaches polls!

Holy jeebus!

Good post Free! You still up for going to the Michigan game with me?

I have always liked Ruesse and Barreiro, but I agree with you that they are Brewster-haters.

We must live in one of the only metropolitan areas in which half of the major sports writers actually hope for the local teams to lose.

Except for Syd, of course.

Hey Shane, We Want the Jug! I'll be there. We can park in my secret free parking location.

you should probably attribute this picture to matt mead the kid who took it. i'm pretty sure it's copyrighted...

Katie, thanks for pointing that out. I removed the picture.


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