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I got to tour TCF Bank Stadium today, future home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The place is going to be spectacular. While the form of the stadium is pretty much complete, the interiors don't have any finishes so I didn't take a lot of pictures of the interiors. However, that locker room is going to be spectacular!! Below are some pics that I did take (click on photo to enlarge).

The Field is at grade level, so you will have to walk up to get to your seat (or take an elevator).

Ground Level Exterior

View from the President's Suite (holds 80 people)

3:30 on a late October afternoon. Sun and Shade will be a factor

Inside the Suites

Top Row below the Loge

Inside Corridor

The Field

Top Row, worst seat in the House!

Like I said, this place is going to be a blast. I can't wait until September 12, 2009.


I should have added that the Stadium is going to be a huge money maker for the Athletic Department.

Nearly all 38 Suites are sold (at $45K a year) and the Loge or Club seats at $3K a year are sold. There is a huge banquet room that is going to amazing and can be rented out for events and parties, all controlled by Athletics. Also many (but not all) of the seats will have no backs. Athletics will, however, sell you a back to your seat for the season if you want. Apparently this is pretty common at Big Ten Schools.

Of course all operational costs will be the responsibility of the U but this is going to be a huge money generator. Once the stadium is open we should never again hear how cash poor the Athletic Department is.

Man, that top row "worst seat in the house" actually looks pretty good. That is probably where I'll be sitting! I can't wait!

I got extorted into completing my Life Membership payment plan early to improve my priority standing, so I sure better get better seats than "worst seat in the house." :-)

That's my point Shane, the last row is pretty damn close to the action. However, you can't tell from the pic, but at that location, you are roughly parallel with the mega-huge scoreboard and won't be able to see it very well. I'd stay away from the last section on the open end.

Snyder, where ever you sit, will be good. If you want some protection from the elements, the last 5 rows on the south side will have the Loge Box overhang. No obstructive views however. I have a picture above that shows that view.

I can't believe people were against building this stadium and the Twins stadium. Especially when the alternative was the Metrodome. I just cannot wrap my brain around that type of thinking....

Don't forget Aramark will make a fortune on foodservice and concessions.

Hopefully this year they improve entering the stadium, it takes far too long to get in and through security. Lines at the concession stands are slow, no cash boxes and calculators? what century are we in? These two negatives are it. I wont dock it a star for them.

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