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On Monday I described the fact that I hadn’t listened to a lot of new music lately and decided to do something about it by purchasing four recent releases by newer bands and give them multiple listens and then review them here on this blog. Besides exposing myself to newer music, the hope was to find a new favorite band -- or at least a band to get excited about. Unfortunately The Walkmen and their album You & Me will not be that band.

It’s hard to describe how much I hated this album. Hate may seem like a strong word but this was one of the four bands I wanted to check out, invest money and time in, and talk about on this blog. For their album to come up so lame, so unlistenable, so… bleh, makes me mad I wasted the opportunity on such a snooze of an effort. I truly don’t want to listen to this album ever again.

Reading reviews of the album one comes across the word “atmospheric.? And I get it. I guess I would describe the album that way too in that the music is somewhat slower and dream-like. When someone describes an album as atmospheric they usually mean it’s somewhat languid with no sense of urgency. Which is fine, not all music has to get you up and want to move. But if something is atmospheric it should sweep you away, bring you up into the atmosphere. You & Me does not do this. I found the music boring, with no hooks or melodies that got me humming or dreaming, or, to be frank, to really care. I found this album worse than The Shin’s Wincing the Night Away which is another album that I just can’t listen to.

So in my opinion, stay away from the Walkmen’s You & Me. It’s a lousy, lazy effort that’s not worth the disc space on your I-pod or chance that it comes up during a Friday Random Top 10. (Hey Jeff T., does your neighbor have this CD yet? If not he can have mine).

Have you heard You & Me? What did you think?


I agree Free. This album sucks. Very, very boring and unoriginal.

Have you given Fleet Foxes a try? I'm interested in what you think of that one.

I think my neighbor is burning two Walkman CD's for me right now.

He and I like a lot of the same bands, but he prefers stuff like "Elbow" and Low over my twangy Drive By Truckers and Ryan Adams. My favorite music has always had a "pop hook" to it as opposed to "atmosphere." After reading your review, I'm not surprised his into this kind of stuff.

I'll take a listen and let you know what I think.

I will be interested in your Walkmen opinion Jeff.

What was frustrating is that I did a little research before I picked the 4 bands and was impressed with The Walkmen. Turns out that some of their previous efforts may be a lot better than You & Me (or at least a few of their songs).

Shane, I'll check out the Fleet Foxes but in today's Strib they were compared to Band of Horses - a band that I loathe. So I will checking them out with a chip on my shoulder.


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