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The Ting Tings -- We Started Nothing

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Last Monday I described the fact that I hadn’t listened to a lot of new music lately and decided to do something about it by purchasing four recent releases by newer bands and give them multiple listens and then review them here on this blog. Besides exposing myself to newer music, the hope was to find a new favorite band -- or at least a band to get excited about. My first review was of The Walkmen's You & Me which I found lacking to say the least.

Next up is The Ting Tings and their album, We Started Nothing. To be honest this was the one album of the four I was the most worried about. I love the two songs Great DJ and That's Not My Name but was worried that the rest of the album wouldn't come close to these two songs. I had to include this album because of those two songs, thinking it wasn't fair to ignore them. I am happy to say that while it isn't my favorite album in the world, it's not bad either.

Great DJ and That's Not My Name are pretty representative of the entire album and it's full of electo-beats, infectious riffs, and catchy lyrics. I am sure the album is a smash on the Euro-dance floors and you can take that as damning by faint praise. I definitely heard a little bit of the Yea Yea Yeas in the album especially the title song.

In the end, at age 45 electro dance beats, while fun to listen to every once in a while just isn't my cup of tea, and while I think I'll come back to the first two songs, the rest of the album will fall into that rare listen category. All in all a fun but ultimately insubstantial album will probably be mostly forgotten in a couple of years.

Have you heard We Started Nothing? What did you think?

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