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Weezer Concert 10/3/08


Has there ever been a band where its fans lived and died on the singer/songwriter’s psyche as much as Rivers Cuomo and Weezer? I am happy to announce that Rivers seems to be happy and accepting of his status of a rock god. Weezer played at the Xcel Energy Center on Friday and it was a blast. From the opening song of My Name is Jonas, the band was out to prove it wanted to have a good time and for the next two hours we were treated to red weezer track suits, soccer balls, trampolines, rock god posing, good natured rock banter and fun time rock and roll. Throw in a 40-piece “orchestra? of radio contest winners playing everything thing from guitars to bongos to trombones to a washboard and you have a fun time with Weezer. Rivers Cuomo was the ring leader but he shared the stage with his bandmates and at least half the songs were sung by someone other than Rivers. Highlights: The opening of My Name is Jonas, Pink Triangle, and Perfect Situation; Lowlights: Only two songs from Make Believe.

A fun show from a truly great band. Hopefully we see more of them in the future. Here’s the set list:

My Name Is Jonas
Pink Triangle
Perfect Situation
Say It Ain’t So
Keep Fishin’
Pork and Beans
Dope Nose
Trouble maker
Hash Pipe
El Scorcho
What’s the Story Morning Glory
Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Island in the Sun (with Orchestra)
Beverly Hills (with Orchestra)
Buddy Holly

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