What Would Happen If You Didn't Vote?


What would happen if you didn't vote and the other candidate won by that one vote? Besides feeling pretty terrible, I am guessing the media would have a field day with you. In fact, 1/2 of the country would be upset. It would probably look something like this.


I took the embed out as it had the irritating autoplay feature. Definitely click the link. It's a hoot.

Lesson: Don't forget to vote!


This would work better if it was for a race that didn't have the Electoral College involved.

Try it again for your friends that live in the Sixth Congressional District. :-)

Free - on a related note, have you noticed that Michelle Bachmann is looking more and more like Marilyn Manson every day?

You know Jeff, I have noticed that. That's been one of those undiscussed items about the whole Bachmann mess. She's definitely lost a bunch of weight in her face and she's gone with a different hair style. Her skin tone is super tanned for October in Minnesota too.


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