Another Lost T-wolve Season


Another NBA season has begun and even though it is the middle of November, another Timberwolves season looks lost. The team is 1-6 after playing against a pretty ratty bunch of teams (overall record .263). Big Al Jefferson and Mark Miller can score but neither can play defense and the rest of the team is a bunch of plug-and-plays. What was hopefully looked at as a team on the way up with the modest goal of 35 wins looks like another lost season and a team that may struggle to win 25 games.

It’s really too bad because personally I could become a big NBA fan if we had a team worth watching. I think the Twin Cities area as a whole could be a vibrant NBA market too. High School basketball has never been played at a higher level in this state than right now and collegiate signing day finds scores of high school players signing at D-1 schools. Tubby Smith promises to resurrect the Gophers program and another top 20 recruiting class points to that promise being kept. Basketball fans are becoming more savvy and invested in the game. That’s why the Timberwolves 20 years of woe (minus 1 fun season) is so frustrating.

Now I’m not going to suggest how the Wolves could improve. I was glad they got rid of the old, over-paid players they were keeping and there doesn’t seem to be a head-scratcher of a contract on the team. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of personality or anyone who can spark this team either. Firing the coach could help, getting rid of McHale would definitely excite the fans for a week or two but other than that, the only light at the end of the tunnels seems to be an uncoming train.

So I’ll probably ignore the NBA for another year, look forward to the upcoming college season and shake my head as I look at another Timberwolves loss in the box score.


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