Election Day 2008


I went walking around campus day around Noon to get a sense of what was happening on election day. In honor of the concert tonight I had Dylan on the headphones (Blonde on Blonde, natch). In a word the feeling was electric. Red White and Blue Vote posters with Obama’s image was plastered all over the campus, everyone had red I Voted stickers and there was a low frequency buzz in the air. You could literally feel it.

Now a 70 degree day in November will always bring a level of giddiness in Minnesota but the excitement was palpable. I voted this morning in my heavily Democratic precinct and while it usually takes me 10 minutes to vote, today it took me 40. Change is in the air. Given the level of turnout nation-wide, it looks like people are fired up a ready to go. Tonight we shall see.


Hey Free - how was the Bob Dylan show?

Hvorfor velge Kristiansund Elektro AS som leverandør:
Vi er opptatt av å ha fornøyde kunder
Samme mann som prosjekterer og kontrollerer at anlegget blir i henhold til avtale
Vi er til enhver tid oppdatert på ny teknologi og muligheter
Har dyktige fagfolk på huset innen de fleste typer installasjoner (lyd, lys, teknikk, design, styring,data osv.)
Har et stort nettverk av seriøse samarbeidspartnere


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