Friday Random Top 10

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We want the jug!!! To motivate those Golden Gophers here's a Random Top 10:

1. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' -- Louis Armstrong
2. Brown Eyed Handsome Man -- Johnny Cash
3. House We Used to Live In -- The Smithereens
4. If I Give My Soul -- Johnny Cash
5. Deathly -- Aimee Mann
6. I Dig Rock and Roll Music -- Peter, Paul, & Mary
7. I'd Rather be Thin Than Famous -- Jack Kerouac
8. Cold Brains -- Beck
9. Mystery Dance -- Elvis Costello
10. Funk Soul Brother -- Fatboy Slim

I always thought that if you had to state in a song that you dig rock and roll music, that then you really didn't dig rock and roll music. What's your top ten?

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"Grapefruit" Marnie Stern
"Bang Bang Shot My Baby Down" Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
"Feb 14" Drive-By Truckers
"The Saints Are Coming" Skids
"Don't Be Afraid, I've Just Come to Say Goodbye" Spider
"Wildweed" Jeffrey Lee Pierce
"Strayed" Kelly Hogan
"Insanely Jealous" The Soft Boys
"Naked If I Want To" Moby Grape
"Ragged Wood" Fleet Foxes

I dunno, I believed Joan Jett when she said she loved it...


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