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As any regular reader of this blog knows, I’ve supported Barack Obama for a long time now and will be proudly voting for him tomorrow. There are multiple reasons in no particular order: Fear of a Palin Presidency, the desire not to reward a Republican candidate for 8 years of utter Presidential incompetence, Obama’s tax policies favor my family over those proposed by McCain. Obama’s policies on the war in Iraq, Global Warming, energy independence would all gain my support. But one of the other reasons that Obama is getting my support is that he looks and acts like America and looks and acts now.

Republicans have long trafficked in fear and our differences instead of policies that unite. Obama’s mixed race heritage, his ability to talk about what unites us reflects where we are as a country. Obama looks to the future and offers hope, Republicans look to the past and offer fear. For that reason alone I will be voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

Here are my predictions for Tuesday. Use the comments to give your predictions, lets see who is the best political prognosticator at LFAD!

President – Obama 338 EV, McCain 220 EV

MN Senate – Franken 43, Coleman 41, Barkley 16

MN CD6 – Bachman 51, Tinklenberg 49


I think 331 EV for OBAMA, with a 53-44% spread in the popular vote.

Franken 41, Coleman 41, Barkley 17, with Franken winning an ugly re-count

Tinklenberg 49, Bachmann 45

Let's hope that zooomx is right on that Senate pick.

I was quite pessimistic about Obama's EV total, having picked 291. But, man, I'm glad to be wrong about that. And, how about the IP candidate getting 10% in MN-06, despite Tinklenberg being the endorsed candidate? Ugh!

That was a pretty good prediction by zoomx I think Franken will win too.

El actually outpolled Obama and Franken but that area is so damn conservative it was tough. Oh well Bachmann is entertaining.

Can Zoomx predict for me the winning powerball numbers???? What did you use? A Carnac hat or a crystal ball? I see rock band in your very near future Dean if zoomx can give me the winning powerball numbers!

I don't know Kathy, he did predict Tinklenberg to win. Plus I know Zoomx has this silly habit of thinking that St. Cloud St. has a better hockey team than the Gophers so I don't know if he's all that reliable. :o)


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