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A women complained to the Star Tribune because Starbucks caught on to her scheme where she was able to get a $4.00 latte for $3.60. This woman purchases two latte's a day or 40 a month for a total bill of $160. By saving 40 cents a latte, she's saving 10 percent of her monthly latte bill. First this "gaming" the system is why we are in the trouble we're in economically. Everyone was always trying perpetuate a scheme to make a buck. Take on a mortgage with no interest for two years? Do it, you're getting a good deal! Tom Petters says invest with me you'll get a 50 percent return, ignore the fact that almost all other investments are getting 5-8 percent, it's a great deal!!. Second, hey lady if you want to save some money buy only one latte a day, you'll save $4.00 a day plus you won't have to keep on buying new clothes to replace the ones your 2-day latte habit is making you grow out of. With that here's this week's random top 10:

1. I Got You -- Wilco
2. Redemption Song -- Johnny Cash w/Joe Strummer
3. Where Were You -- Mekons
4. Swastika Eyes -- Primal Scream
5. Somewhere -- Husker Du
6. The City of the Dead -- The Clash
7. Memphis Hip Shake - The Cult
8. Think -- Aretha Franklin
9. Revolution -- Grandaddy
10. Clowntime is Over No. 2 -- Elvis Costello

Wow, what a rockin' set. A lot of classics in that set. What's your top 10?


Conor Oberst "NYC-Gone, Gone" Conor Oberst
The Who "Mary Anne with the Shakey Hand" (alternate version) The Who Sell Out
Future Bible Heroes "Losing Your Affection" Eternal Youth
Louis Jordan "Let the Good Times Roll" Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues
Jon Langford "Homburg" All the Fame of Lofty Deeds
David McComb & Adam Peters "Don't Go Home with Your Hard-On" I'm Your Fan
Jon Langford and His Sadies "Little Vampires" Mayors of the Moon
Remmy Ongala and Orchestre Super Matimila "I Want to Go Home" Mambo
Billy Bragg "Little Time Bomb" (demo) Workers Playtime
The Minus 5 "Twilight Distillery" The Minus 5

Sleater-Kinney "Youth Decay" All Hands on the Bad One

Not as rocking as yours, but I like my set this week, too.

"Capture the Flag" Broken Social Scene
"The Best Man's Fall" The Trash Can Sinatras
"Basso Profundo" Devotchka
"What'd I Say (Part 1)" Ray Charles
"It's All Over Now Baby Blue" The Byrds
"Pouring Water on a Drowning Man" James Carr
"Fisherman's Blues" The Waterboys
"Many Rivers To Cross" Harry Nilsson
"Train From Kansas City" Neko Case
"Postcards From Italy" Beirut
Bonus cut--"Trees Lounge" Hayden

Well, this one runs the gamut. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

The Hayden number is the title track from Steve Buscemi's directorial debut. A nice, off-beat little film, BTW. The soundtrack LP is full of wonderful old stuff like The Platters, The Ink Spots and Brenda Lee. It also contains this choice bit of barstool conversation between Tommy (Buscemi's character--an ice cream truck driver/stunted adolescent) and Billy, the resident barfly from the titular Tree's Lounge.

Hey Bill...did you ever kill anyone?
BILLY (drunk)
What kind of an asshole question is that?
You Korea?
What career?


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