Friday Random Top 10


Franken pulls ahead in the recount but miles to go before I sleep. Things are looking good for Franken just not going to happen any time soon. Looks like we need a Friday Random Top 10.

1. Static/Diamond Bollocks – Beck
2. I’ll Go Crazy – James Brown
3. Willesden Green – The Kinks
4. Ride my Llama – Neil Young
5. Marked -- Bad Religion
6. Stuck Between Stations – The Hold Steady
7. Sudden Steps – Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
8. Rocker – Charlie Parker
9. Closer – Jonathan Richman
10. Driveby – Neil Young

Not the greatest list ever that’s for sure. I am positive E-6 will make a nice comment about the Kinks selection. What’s your top10?


Who are these Kinks you speak of?

"To Sir With Love" Lulu
"Tonight" Supergrass
"Leave Me (Like You Found Me)" Wilco
"Gasoline Horseys" Sparklehorse
"Some Other Time" X
"There's Gonna Be A Storm" Left Banke
"I'm a Believer" Robert Wyatt
"Only Flower In My Bed" Soledad Brothers
"Tracks Of My Tears" Billy Bragg
"The Thrill Of It All" Roxy Music
bonus track--"The Good Mr. Square" The Pretty Things

Ha Ha Tonka "St. Nick on the Fourth" Bloodshot Records Sampler 7
This Mortal Coil "Holocaust" It'll End in Tears
Billy Bragg "Seven and Seven Is" You Woke Up My Neighborhood ep
Randy Newman "Memo to My Son" Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman
Sunday All Over the World "Answered with a Smile" Kneeling at the Shrine
Cracker "Let's Go for a Ride" Kerosene Hat
Luna "Rememories" Romantica
Cho-Liang Lin, Raymond Leppard, and the English Chamber Orchestra "Violin Concerto No. 4 in D major, K. 218; 3b Cadenza" Mozart Violin Concertos 1 & 4
The Beatnigs "Burritos" The Beatnigs
Guided by Voices "Blimps Go 90" Alien Lanes

Radiohead "Black Star" The Bends

Free, that's a rousing Hold Steady, and I like "Driveby," even if it's a bit draggy. And E-6, you can never go wrong with "The Thrill of It All."

Actually that kelly hogan song is pretty decent too.

Likewise, huge props for This Mortal Coil--covering Big Star, no less. Two other beauties from that record, "Another Day" and especially the impossibly gorgeous "Song to the Siren." I've owned that record in three formats--well, four if you count mp3.

Hi - interesting article. So I have finally processed this entre incredulous LBJ catastrophe. What a joke! First, Lebron pretends his elbow is hurt and blows off the playoffs so he can leave without guilt. Then these clowns make a total circus out of everything to the point of annoying the entire country. Then he goes on national TV stabbing his hometown's back for an hour, all while ticking off all other big cities except Miami, so that he can play on someone else's team! Talk about BAD marketing! Anyhow... slick blog... I'm subscribed to your RSS feed now so thanks again!


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