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Not a whole lot going on so light blogging lately. Hopefully some stuff coming up. Here’s some thoughts…

Timberwolves. It’s hard to get riled up over the T-wolves and their latest firings and hirings. As I blogged here, they are so bad it’s hard to think of anything new to say. I’m glad McHale is out of the front office but I have no confidence anything is going to change. This City could be full of huge NBA rubes but a whole generation of fans are being lost due to a lousy team starting from the owner and front office down to the players, cheerleaders, and popcorn sellers.

Vikings. I rarely mention the Vikings in these pages and to be frank I’m more excited about the Packers sucking than the Vikings winning. I’m guessing the Vikes will either lose their next three games and not make the playoffs or get in the playoffs and lose a home playoff game to the Eagles/Buccaneers.

Governor Blag. At least you have to give props to the guy for being so audacious. Thing is he doesn’t even realize how corrupt he is. Nice hair, though wish I had hair like that.

Baseball Hot Stove League. I consider it an early Christmas present that the Twins didn’t sign Casey Blake for 3 years. The Dodgers are going to be hating that contract in about 18 months. Yanks sign Captain Cheeseburger. My friend Jeff is all riled up. Me? No surprise and no problems. The Yankees have bigger problems than one starting pitcher. I was worried when I read that Gardy wants to start Nick Punto at SS if the Twins re-sign him. I have no problem with Punto as utility infielder (and paid as such) but he is not a starter. I’d love to see JJ Hardy in a Twins uniform and would be willing to see Blackburn or Perkins go to get him. Word is that the Brewers want more. Hopefully if they lose Ben (ouch, what I break now?) Sheets, the Brewers will become more desperate for pitching.

The Day the Earth Stood Still. I’m hearing bad stuff about this movie. However Keanu as Mr. Carpenter is inspired casting. Is there an “actor? out there today that exhibits less human emotion than Keanu Reeves? I don’t understand why they had to do a remake. They should have made a sequel. After all the original promised that the rest of the universe was waiting the Earth’s response. We obviously didn’t listen, why not have the movie be the follow-up? Btw, the original is a classic that holds up remarkably well after nearly 60 years.

Senate Recount. Ok we’d like this to be over. Who know what’s going to happen although it appears to hinge on whether or not the rejected absentee ballots will be counted. Norm Coleman should be secretly praying that he loses because if he wins, this investigation of his shady dealings will only intensify. However if Norm wins, he’ll probably switch parties back to being a Democrat. That way he won’t be in the minority party. Don’t underestimate this guy’s ability to put himself in the most advantageous position.

Well that felt better, what’s on your mind?


Free - I agree 100% about the Vikes. I don't see them going too far with the QB situation.

As far as the Illinois Gov. situation, it gives me comfort that some things in life CAN be counted on - like corrupt local government in Illinois.

Given how low the Twins' payroll is and the fact that Blake could have also given Morneau a day off once in a while by playing 1B, I think I would have taken a chance on him for three years.

Certainly couldn't fare any worse than some of those other retreads the Twins have tried to resurrect and might end up being more of a value than LNP at $8.5M/2yrs.


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