The Death of Bettie Page



Even if you haven’t heard of Bettie Page, you’ve seen her picture. The raven-haired vixen with the killer bangs exemplified 50s era pin-ups and is an iconic look that can still be seen in sluttish models today, especially those with an S-M theme.

But why do we remember Bettie Page? Surely there were hundreds of pin-ups from that era, most of which have been long forgotten. I think its because Page just nailed that naughty but nice look that all men crave. You know, someone who’s freaky in the bedroom but still nice enough to bring home to mother on a Sunday afternoon. Bettie Page had that in spades. Another reason is that Page left at the top of her game. Basically she modeled from 1950 to 1957 and then disappeared. We were left with the Bettie Page that everyone remembered, not a Bettie Page that got old, grey, fat, drunk on Bob Hope specials, etc. Page was “re-discovered? a couple of years back but she refused to have her photo taken or show her face on camera. She wanted to everyone to remember “Bettie Page? the pin-up. Not Bettie Page, the regular women who resided in California.

Page died over the weekend at the age of 85. We never did get to see her face again but I am glad to know that she lived a ripe old age with a normal life. Too bad many of our current celebrities can’t learn the same lesson.

If you want to read a spectacular and long article about Betty Page, her life, and cultural impact, click here.


Unfortunately she did not live a "normal" life. She later became schizophrenic, and was hospitalized several times. One of those times, allegedly after she attacked someone. She spent a total of over ten years in a psychiatric institution, and back in the day, virtually all of them were dungeons.

In the post, you really spoke of how to actually handle this matter with all ease.


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