Throwing Shoes in Iraq


bush shoe.jpg
President Bush and Hamid Karzai practice their shoe avoidance strategies

I am of mixed emotions over the shoe incident yesterday in Iraq. As an American no one wants to see their president being attacked, even by a shoe, even if the President is a dope. Also the attack makes Bush a somewhat sympathetic figure and with 5 weeks left, this man does not deserve any sympathy to what he’s done to this country or Iraq.

But man it would have been sweet to see one of those shoes smack him squarely on the nose…


The feeling of silently wishing one of the shoes would have smacked him square on the nose reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon with a dog and a cat both going after some sort of toy and a bird up in a cage saying "yessss" as the 2 animals bonk heads.

Would the secretly wishing that one of the shoes have hit GW be described as shodenfrued?

Good post, You make reasonable points in a concise and pertinent fashion, I will read more of your stuff, thank you for your time.


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