Bert Blyleven Denied Again!



Another Hall of Fame vote and yet another year that Bert Blyleven was passed over (this year by Jim Rice for Christ sakes). I’m not going to go into all the reasons why Bert deserves to be in the Hall, if you’re not familiar with his stats, check this site out.

What was especially disappointing this year is that it was generally a weak group of candidates. Ricky Henderson was a no-brainer, but after that… Jim Rice? Andre Dawson? Tim Raines? Allan Trammell? All good players but more likely candidates for the Hall of Very Good, not the Hall of Fame. Alas, Blyleven only got 2 more votes than last year and is about 70 votes short of getting in the Hall. Hopefully Jim Rice’s enshrinement in his last year of eligibility is a good harbinger for Blyleven. With only three years left, it’s about the only shot he’s got.

When 28 HOF voters don’t deem Ricky Henderson Hall of Fame worthy and Jim Rice makes it even though he had stats that were similar to outfielders who are a dime a dozen, you know something is amiss with the way we have baseball writers elect players to the Hall. Unfortunately I don’t know of a better way. I am not sure we want some sort of BCS-like computer program determining who’s worthy and who’s not and God knows we don’t want some sort of fan participation like they do with the All-Star game. I guess we just acknowledge it is a flawed system and hope that eventually those that are deserving, and Bert Blyleven is deserving, eventually are enshrined alongside the rest of their immortal baseball brethren.


I wonder what's going to happen to HOF voting when all the newspapers are out of business and the old writers have died off.

SBG, hello Aaron Gleeman -- HOF voter.

They did start accepting web writers to the BBWAA--2 from ESPN and 2 from BP. They don't get to vote for the HOF for 10 years, but at least they'll get to vote for Rock Raines then.

Sorry about Blyleven--some folks are idiots.

Hey freealonzo, from 1975-1986, Jim Ed Rice led the AL in games played, at bats, runs scored, hits, homers, RBIs, slugging percentage, total bases, extra base hits, go-ahead RBIs, multi-hit games, and outfield assists. (OK, OK, and GIDPs). And he hit for average too. That's a pretty good run. I think he's a worthy HOF player, despite my Red Sox bias. I do think Blyleven should be in there, he deserves it. I bet his time will come, just like Rice's did. I do find it wierd that Dale Murphy continues to get so few votes. As a kid, I remember his stats being comparable to Rice's and being considered 'the most feared slugger in the league'. And a much better fielder. Alas, the debate goes on.....

Hey Bruce, thanks for stopping by. If you support Jim Rice, then do you vote in the following, all who have a greater or similar OPS+ than Jim Rice (taken from Stick and Ball Guy Web site)

Frank Thomas
Manny Ramirez
Lance Berkman
Jim Thome
Vlad Guerrero
Edgar Martinez
Jason Giambi
Chipper Jones
Travis Hafner
Todd Helton
Gary Sheffield
Brian Giles
Carlos Delgado
David Ortiz
Bobby Abreu
Jim Edmonds
J.D. Drew
Magglio Ordonez
Moises Alou
Ryan Klesko

Just asking.

Hold on while I Google OPS.....hmmmm, on-base percentage + slugging percentage. Seems odd Rice has a low OBP as I remember him walking alot,and batting .300. Maybe not. I guess I'm more of a 'feel' voter, and maybe I'm biased as he was "the guy" when I was growing up in Boston. But I believe he was one of the best hitters for average and power, and a tremendous RBI guy, during his era. Plus he did it for longer (although a few better years at the end of his career would help) and therefore has bigger power totals than some of the guys listed above. I say it's more than just OPS. And the fact it took 15 years, he obviuosly is a borderline guy. Most of this list is borderline, sans MAnny and Thome (locks). Brian Giles?!? I almost said "Who?" for him. You need the longevity too.

Personally, I think Blyleven not getting in The Hall is a travesty bordering on criminal. I bet if he had the same statistics but wore Yankee pinstripes, he would have been in 10 years ago.

The baseball Hall is much harder to get in the the NFL Hall of Fame, though. A couple of touchdowns gets a guy in the NFL Hall.

Here's a big problem with Rice: His career splits were .320/.374/.546 at home vs .277/.330/.459 away. Some of that could be explained with age, but even in his 1978 MVP season the splits were extreme -- .361/.416/.690 home vs .269/.325/.512 away.

So Fenway and the Boston press a HOFer makes.


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