Friday Random Top 10


A brand new year, let's see how a Friday Random Top Ten rings in 2009...

1. Typical Girls -- The Slits
2. On the road again -- Bob Dylan
3. Go to the Mirror Boy -- The Who
4. One Man's Problem -- The Jayhawks
5. Ice Cold Ice --- Husker Du
6. The Trouble with You -- Missing Numbers
7. Sandusky -- Uncle Tupelo
8. Free Radicals -- The Flaming Lips
9. Honky Tonk Blues -- Hank Williams
10. Jacob's Ladder -- Bruce Springsteen

A heavy country/american vibe going here. What's your random top 10?


1. Shadowboxer Fiona Apple Tidal
2. Sorry She's Mine The Small Faces The Anthology: 1965-1967
3. Hands Of Time Ron Sexsmith Time Being
4. Coming In From The Cold The Delgados Hate
5. Sittin' Pretty Brendan Benson One Mississippi
6 .Go Away Echobelly On
7. What Goes On Bryan Ferry The Bride Stripped Bare
8. Nail In The Sky Howe Gelb 'Sno Angel Like You
9. Thirteen Big Star Radio City/#1 Record
10. When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough Built To Spill Caustic Resin
bonus cut: Night Society Silver Jews American Water

Hey free, I went and did something stupid. I got myself a blog...

Hey E-6, I saw your blog but am having problems leaving a comment. I'll keep trying.

Also I've now checked out the latest from Deerhoof, Blitzen Trapper, gave Bon Iver another listen and picked up It'll end in Tears by This Mortal Coil.

Hated, absolutely hated Deerhoof; Blitzen Trapper is decent and growing on me. This Mortal Coil is pretty cool, and while I appreciate Bon Iver, I still don't get all the excitement.

Just one dude's opinion.

Hated, absolutely hated Deerhoof...

Fuckin' suburbanite. ;)

Bon Iver hails from my hometown of Eau Claire so I have to like his music. Luckily, I really do like his music.

It will be interesting to see what he does for a follow up album. It's not often a guy holes up alone in a northwoods cabin after a bad breakup and writes an album. A lot of feeling goes into that.

E-6 attempts to explain his love for Deerhoof at his blog today.

E-6, nice write-up of Deerhoof, and I responded in the comments. For others who care, basically I hate the vocals and think the band is a bunch of posers. But I will agree the guitars and drums are pretty damn good.


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