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So it's hard to describe in a blog post about my trip to Haiti. We've all seen the news shows or National Geographic specials on 3rd world countries with broken down houses and people living on scraps but its another to see it with your eyes. And without going on for paragraphs or writing a travelogue, I will try to describe some thoughts and would be willing to answer questions in the comments.

Part of our efforts in Haiti is to support that our church built about 5 years ago. One thing I can say is that the school is beautiful and the kids are getting a good education (and a meal too!) Compared to most of the construction in Haiti, the school is a shining beacon and something the people who run it and our Parish should be quite proud of.

Also the kids of Haiti are wonderful. We visited kids at our school, sick kids, orphaned kids, and others working on a farm. They were so fun and smiling, and so happy to see us. Playing and interacting with the children of Haiti was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. We went down to support them and instead they ended up supporting us. Also, if you see me sometime let me show you my new " go go flash" greeting, it's pretty cool.

Of course the poverty is just overwhelming in the City with people living in quite squalid conditions. Garbage is everywhere, the roads are rutted with pot holes, and traffic is crazy. Food and sanitation is barely adequate. Electrity is intermittent (in fact we went without electricity in Leogoane). Goats and Chickens, pigs, and cows roam the streets and public transportation.

Overall it was a great trip and I would encourage everone to make a similar trip to help the people of Haiti and to bring into perspective how most of the world actually lives. We truly are blessed living where we do.

Again, if you have questions, I'll answer them in the comments.

Also I am having problems posting photos. Check back to see if I figure out the problem as I will try to post more.


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