I'm Back!!


So I'm back from Haiti and will have a post or two soon. Since I was away from U.S. news and popular culture I have a couple of questions/requests:

1. Who replaced the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 1996 Chicago Bulls?
2. Why was Dick Cheney in a wheelchair at the inauguration?
3. Don't tell me what happened in last week's BSG, I have it taped but won't get to it for a few days
4. Nixon/Frost as a best picture nominee? Really?
5. What free agents signings or trades did the Twins make?
6. Does anyone still have a job?


Cheney was in a wheelchair since his supply of kittens already was drying up and he hadn't sucked enough warm blood to be at full strength.

Welcome back Free! Regarding the Timberwolves - my only explanation is that we may have crossed over into a parallel universe.

Welcome back! Look forward to hearing about your mission.

The answer to all of your questions is the same: Kevin McHale.

Thanks Big Mak, it all makes sense now. Kevin McHale is the reason why, On Battlestar Gallactica, Earth is a nuclear wasteland.

It was that 3-way deal between the Woofs, Clippers, and Syria.

I still have a job but T-Paw seems bound and determined to correct that.

Timberwolves explanation is pretty easy. McHale is a way better coach than GM. Taylor should invest in whatever luxury accomodations are necessary to get McHale to put up with the travel demands of coaching. Plus, they played some pretty crappy and/or short-handed teams.

The official explanation on Cheney is that he hurt his back moving some boxes. Unofficial conspiracy theory that I've heard: he suffered a stroke a while back.


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