Thoughts on Franken v. Coleman


white coleman.jpg

Look at that picture above. Can you imagine a group of supporters that could be any whiter, older, grumpier? That picture is the face of the Republican party and speaks volumes over the apparent lack of future the Republicans are confronted with.

Second, I have no problem with former Senator Coleman pursuing a court case regarding the election results. First it’s well within his rights and second it will finally put to rest any questions regarding the election, recount and validity of Franken’s razor-thin victory. Also if Republicans want to contribute $$$ to a losing court case instead of party-building and candidate support, that’s ok with me. Coleman needs to be careful, however, if he taps too many deep pocket Republicans to support his election court case, they won’t have any money to support his legal defense fund, which is coming up fast. Former Senator Coleman, I wouldn’t want to be in your Manolo Blahniks.

Finally, the Star Tribune published my letter regarding the complaints over the election results. Click Here to read it.


Is that blond to the speaker's left Mrs. Coleman? Not the greatest picture, but well done Norm.

That's her.

Funny thing is, it's pretty much confirmed that Norm was sleeping around in the 80's (not so much confirmation since then). Points to a another character flaw of Norm Coleman: If your wife looked like that would you be cattin' about?

Norm has won his last election in Minnesota. That is for sure!


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