Will.I.am Shilling Pepsi!?!


I don't pay much attention to the Superbowl Ad-hype so I was surprised when all of a sudden there's a picture of old-school Bob Dylan on my Hi-Def TV screen singing an off-version of Forever Young during the Superbowl.

The ad was cute and all comparing one generation to another and I don't have a problem with Dylan selling his songs for a commercial. (Using the Mats' Gary's Got a Boner to sell Levitra -- sacreligious!!) But Will.I.am? Couldn't Pepsi have done better than that? The obvious choice would have been Bono of course. I asked my kids, Is Will.I.am the voice of your generation? They just looked at me like I was weird.

Heck maybe that's the root of our problems these days. We don't have an obvious voice of the generation, and when admen have to come up with one, Will.I.am rises to the top. Maybe that's why Obama is so popular, he fits that voice of a generation slot so nicely. Now Dylan and Obama in a Pepsi commercial. That would be cool.


I agree.. that was one of the better commercials too..

thank you for the article.. im glad I found this Blog..

Will.i.am is the man. Whose YouTube video got everyone all fired up about Obama? He better win Producer of the Year at the Grammys or they shouldn't even bother with the award.


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