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I've never been a big Counting Crows fan. Their first album was good and I listen to it every so often but I don't think I could even recognize a song they've released in the 15 years since their debut came out.

However I've always loved this performance of 'Round Here from the David Letterman show. You have to remember that this is the infamous Madonna show on Letterman where basically she swore throughout the interview, was difficult, wouldn't leave, said Charles Barkley was huge where it counts, etc. Like most train wrecks, it was hard to look away and clearly Dave was uncomfortable while also knowing that this was pretty compelling TV. Anyway Madonna finally leaves and The Counting Crows get to wrap up the show and they sing 'Round Here which was their second single after Mr. Jones.

The song is about a guy leaving everything behind and by doing so, that which is left behind is taken away from him. The reason I love this version is because Adam Duritz sings with such emotion it really draws you in. He's really believes in the words, has lived its sentiment. It's much more than a performance than an inhabitation of the song. Maybe it's the contrast with Madonna who is all about the performance and nothing is real. Maybe it's because the band really rocks out at the end. Maybe because it's a real good song with a real good performance. Whatever it was, it has haunted me ever since and it's one of my favorite performances of a single song I have ever witnessed.


the Crows ROCk..
one of the few bands that sounds GREAT Live..

Change the word "haunted" to "bored", and I'm right there with you, free. ;-)

E-6, I lay bare my soul over a band that admittedly has zero hipster quotient and what do you do but mock me. I am saddened. :o)

Maybe you need to see the song after the Madonna performance to get the fill wallop but I stand behind my assessment.

Btw, I really dug the 60s/70s songs you sent over. It's not that I particularly liked an individual song or two but the entire vibe was really cool. I have to drive up to Duluth on Thursday and I think it will be my traveling music. Thanks!

I almost deleted that comment before I sent it. Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. ;-) Counting Crows are like the Wallflowers to me: music that doesn't make me go all "ear-muffs" and scream "la-la-la", but nothing I'd ever get excited about, either. I have good friends (and siblings) who are fans of both. I think nothing less of them. I'm pretty sure they don't think less of me... (Hell, Ive got the Partridge Family on my iPod!)

Plus, if the tabloids are true, Duritz was schtupping Jennifer Aniston. As much as I might pretend to be a musical hipster, I've got no such brags.

Glad you like the mix. There is an art to the mix-tape. I've learned from some pros. It's all about the flow.

Safe travels, sir.

btw, E-6, don't mind my faux outrage. I realize that the Counting Crows are a nice source of musical Ambien. It's more this performance that gets me. Feel free to rip what I say in this site anytime you want. I need it every so often.

I bought that first Counting Crows album back in the early 1990's and really enjoyed it. I even remember thinking that they might be "the next big band," but was not impressed with their next few albums.

I did get some free tickets to see them at The State, and all of the Jayhawks were sitting a couple rows in front of us, which was cool. I must say the CC are a good live band.

I can see, Free, how this performance would have been a "breath of fresh air" after witnessing some incoherent rantings by Madonna. Thanks for posting!

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