2009 Golden Ticket Update -- NEW!!



O.k. now we're getting somewhere. We have three clues. Let's go list them in order:

Starting from the teflon roof, heading west would be a goof.

Get out and search and use those legs, but to the north there's just goose eggs

Further south of the second City the golden ticket shines so pretty

So we know the golden ticket is east and south of the Metrodome, and is located south of the second City.

Another key clue that is in the rules is that the ticket is located in Ramsey or Hennepin County. Which in this case is important.

So question, what exact is the 2nd City? Is it St. Paul because it's second in population to Minneapolis or is it Minneapolis because St. Paul is the capital. What makes this really important is that St. Paul is the southern most City in Ramsey County, so if the ticket is further south of St. Paul, that leaves very little room. Also given the fact that the Metrodome is in the east part of Minneapolis, there isn't a whole lot of place south and east of the Metrodome in Hennepin County either.

Look at a metro area map. Right now based on those clues I am focusing on Fort Snelling State Park area.

What do you think, am I missing something here? Hopefully Wednesday's clue helps then I'm going to start searching. Discuss in the comments.


Today's clue is killing me:

If you like your breakfast food, this path will get you in the mood

So we are looking for a trail that has a name related to breakfast food. Somewhere in the south east metro but in Ramsey or Hennepin County.

Right now I am stumped. Who knows a trail with a name like cereal, eggs, etc. I would go look by General Mills but that first clue says heading west of the dome would be a goof. Any thoughts, we need a trail name.


I believe the Second City is Chicago. :O)

Could the path be at Battle Creek Park? (Battle Creek, MI is the home of Kelloggs Cereal)

Right now that's all I got

I think Battle Creek Park HAS to be the right spot. Especially because it's in Ramsey County, not in St. Paul, yet southeast from downtown St. Paul.

Thursday's clue is killing me too:

It still could bring you luck today, should you decided to go this way

What does that mean? The clue is trying to tell you which way to go on the trail, but I'm stumped. There doesn't appear to be a good map of Battle Creek Park. Is there a trail or something named Luck over there?

Is there a horseshoe trail?

That's not a bad idea. Unfortunately there's not a lot of info on web about Battle Creek, trail names, etc..

We're probably at the point where I have to go to the park and check things out. There may be some sort of sign that says "this way" for example. I can't get out there until late Friday afternoon but Saturday will look good, hopefully some of the clues will come together or someone will have other insight.

ok... so there is a "Horseshoe Trail" and "Gristmill Ridge" next to a park in Eden Prairie called Homeward Hills.

Know it isn't east of the dome, but the clues so far seem to fit better than anywhere else.

I might try to head over to Battle Creek Friday morning and poke around for an hour...

Hey Will, I'm probably going Friday afternoon. Leave any comments on what you see or learned. I will discuss tomorrows clue tomorrow, hopefully that will help.

I think I will have some time Saturday morning too.

We were at Battle Creek today and found a MN twins lottery ticket....kind of ironic. Had a pretty good laugh about this find.

I was also out at Battle Creek and found a Twins lottery ticket. Also about 500 other tickets along the trails. Someone has a weird hobby???

Obviously someone is playing a little joke on Battle Creek Park searchers.

Friday's clue has me baffled again:

Ms. Tomlin's parents liked the name Chip's buddy's folks not the same

Obviously related to Lilydale. But there are a couple of problems here. First the town of Lilydale is in Dakota County. Lilydale road is in Dakota County too but and changes to Water Street once it hits Ramsey County. Is there anything related to Lilydale near Battle Creek Park.

Also are we hung up on Battle Creek? There is also Kellogg Blvd in St. Paul. Also I have not been able to fit in Thursday's clue.

I wanted to go out to look for the first time today but not sure, I need more direction.

Will any help?

I'm hung up on the second part of the clue.

"Chip's buddy folks not the same"

The inclusion of not is what is throwing me. Does that mean the focus should be on Lily but not on Dale's? It looks like there is a swimming pool in Battle Creek Park that has a "lily walk". I might try and go use that as my guide in an hour or so.

I hear you, this seems to be a lot tougher than the last couple of years where I was confidently in the right park by Thursday. Let me know how that Lily Walk works for you. Also look for info about Thursday clue related to "lucky" or "this way."

Report back I still want to go out later this afternoon.


just going to throw this out there. It may be completely wrong, but could get you thinking of something other than Battle Creek. There is a comedy tour called Second City playing at the MN Orchestra Hall. Further South of that is Loring Park. I have no idea how the other clues would fit in but...

Loring Park is pretty much due West of the Metrodome though. It's gotta be something in the Eastern or Southern part of Saint Paul. The clues this year are really infuriating. The name of the park should've been crystal clear by Thursday. Here we are with one clue to go and we're not even 100% that it's Battle Creek.

I hear you Matt. Although there are two clues left. But in the past it's been found on Friday or Saturday.

Thursday's clue is an absolute mindbender. It doesn't seem to help at all. And Today's doesn't seem to be all that usefull either. I suppose we'll know it when we see it. Then an ah ha moment.

I don't know if those guys who suggest Eden Prairie or Loring Park are serious or trying to throw me "off the scent." But the clues are pretty clear it's in the east metro.

In years past its always been between the two cities. (Mpls and St Paul) Its odd that this one is so far south and so far east of the two. I also don't see how everything is tied to battle creek. Yes I get the battle, mi theory, but It doesn't seam like much of the other clues all point there. The first few clues really cant be that vauge. They always have somemore meanings to them and I am stumped!

Last year it wasn't in St Paul it was in Shoreview.

Jim, like Matt said above. This year has been frustrating. Battle Creek is all we have to go by based on the clues, but am I 100% it's there? No way.

If you have a better idea let's hear it!

I'm thinking Kellogg Blvd is the breakfast "trail". After that I'm out of ideas.

I know it was shorview last year, but it was BETWEEN the two cities. It seams they like to have it that way, because its never been in the west metro, nor in hennepin county that I can recall. Unless shoreview is hennepin which it might be.

I think I got it figured out and I'm going looking now. If its not there, I'll let you know where I thought it was and maybe we can all come together on it...

2 years ago it was in Moir park in Bloomington....which is in Hennepin County....

what about oakdale park right next to lilly lake

OK, so I was probably wrong about Eden Prairie. And last year the ticket was found on a Sunday.

"Lily" is obviously a pretty strong clue. Lily without Dale, though.

> Glen Miller performed "In The Mood".

>Minneapolis was the later city to incorporate, but has the bigger population.

>Chicago is "The Second City"... Chicago Ave leads south from the dome.

I'm now thinking Richfield/Bloomington area, if I can find something there that has "Lily" in the name.

Does anyone know what the ticket was found in or under in prior years?

Oakdale park is in washington cty

Lily tomlins real name is Mary Jane Tomlin. If that helps

I will be awaiting your report J-han.

I drove through Lilydale Park today and a lot of people looking. I am still more convinced it's at Battle Creek, that seems to be the only breakfast food reference.

What about Lily without Dale? How do their parents play into the clue. Also Thursday's clue is useless. If we focus on the luck park does it mean a horseshoe, or 4 leaf clover or rabbits foot? If we focus on the this Way part What does that mean?

I've pored over maps and not really finding anything. What are people's speculations? Let's keep it realistic and consider ALL the clues.

The Star Trib is broke, of course they're going to put vague clues out there. Kepp the hunt going, sell more newspapers!

Only thing I have to add: Washburn-Crosby was the forerunner to General Mills. Maybe Crosby pond or Crosby farm?

My bad, I thought it ran for 7 days, but I guess it's 8 this year. 2 clues left!

I'm nearly 100% sure the cereal reference is NOT Kellog Blvd. It's not that long of a street and it's in Downtown Saint Paul. Not close to any large parks. That clue mentions the word "Path" also.

The "Luck/This Way" clue is also frustrating.

Seems like today's "Lily/Dale" clue points away from Battle Creek Park, since that is not close to Lilydale at all. Crosby Farm park does fit the bill of the first 3 directional clues.

Kellogg takes you out of st paul on your way to lilydale. It's somewhere by the boats

Here's a way you can't go wrong think of Lyle Lovett's greatest song

Arggh! Lovett's biggest hit was cowboy man. How does that help? Is there anything to do with cowboys, rodeos, etc at Battle Creek? I should look to see if he has a song with the word great in it.

Any ideas?

"Way" is capitalized in the clue? I'm reading the song lyrics right now to see if there's anything there

oops my bad. Way is not capitalized in the clue. FIXED

Or is his greatest song IF I HAD A BOAT!?? ARGHHH! this is soo far frustrating!! boat could lead us to harriet??

I've been at crosby park all morning and found only a geo-caching treasure. I walked around both lakes and all the paths. I looked in caves and under tables and garbage containers. NOTHING!!

What if the ticket is not found? What time do they call off the search on Sunday?

boat landing at lilydale park was packed and still no one has found it. Either a beaver ran off with it or it's somewhere else.

Searched Lilydale from top to bottom, the only thing I didn't do was rake the leaves. It's either not there or someone found it and didn't call it in?? If someone does find it there, congrat's to them!

I have a feeling we are using these clues incorrectly. The way that these clues are written makes me believe that all of them are pointing to one very famous landmark in MN, rather than one park/path.

Maybe there's a statue of a guy eating breakfast while getting on a boat in lilydale. Ugh. Either the writer of the clues is a freakin' genius, or he's got an IQ of about -5.

The clues are a total joke this year. The Startribune is wasting everyone's time.

Its not there! I know where it is...will let you know in a bit after i go look. But I am pretty sure you are all wrong and I am right. Who wants to buy 40 tickets?

Anyone check the statue of Mary Tyler moore?

Here is what I figure:
Clue 1: East of the Dome
Clue 2: South
Clue 3: South of St Paul
Clue 4: Kellogg's breakfast food Blvd is the path; follow Kellogg Blvd
Clue 5: ?? keep following it??
Clue 6: something about lilydale, Water street turnss into Lilydale
Kellog to Water street is right by Harriet Island, but if you follow Water street to Lilydale it ends in Cherokee Heights park
Clue 6: If I had a boat

It is unbeleivable that with one clue left, they didn't directly point to a specific park!!!

i would like 40 free tickets :)

I knew it wasn't at Lilydale. If so, that clue is frakked. Come to think of it all of them are.

has it been found yet?

that's what i'm wondering!?! anyone anyone??

there is a number you can call to check the status of the ticket

ya ya ya! ... that is annoying!! haha

According to the number it has not been found yet

i'm just stumped, where else do we look???

Battle Creek has to be it. Lilydale and Harriet Island have been scoured and the boat launch isn't even in Ramsey County. Battle Creek fits the 1st 4 clues the best.

Is there something related to a boat or cowboys near battle creek? Saddle, Rodeo, lasso? How about a Dallas Cowboy? Marian Barber? Troy Aikman? Emmitt Smith, Tom Landry?

Things that are lucky: rabbits foot, 4 leaf clover, horseshoe. (personally, those people who think the lucky clue points to Lucky's Bar in Mendota are whack!

No, they don't call off the search at some point, as someone suggested. It will be found...eventually. Last year it was found the day after the final clue, but the clues were a lot more specific then. Why so many people at Lilydale park? That's not even Ramsey county!

The "NOT Dale" thing is still confusing.

Lucky = 7th Street?

West 7th is near some of the parks (highland, crosby, etc) and it does have an intersection with Kellogg...

Lilly lake..or hiding in a patch of Easter Lillies next to a rabbit (easter bunny)

Two things that don't exist: The easter bunny and this ticket

The lilydale boat launch and it's parking lot are maintained by the city of st. Paul, and on the sign it says "a division of st. Paul parks". Does that mean it's in st. Paul?

The boat launch is owned by the City of St. Paul but it is physically located in Dakota County.

People are spending hours there needlessly.

most of lilydale park IS in ramsey county, the boat landing, and then to the east is dakota. we asked a cop last night

Two things that don't exist: The easter bunny and this ticket

funnyest thing i've seen in the last month!

I put at the top of this post a map of Lilydale park. The gray line is the Ramsey/Dakota boundary. It shows that the Boat Launch is in Dakota County.

you're right. the boat launch IS in the wrong county, half of lilydale park is in ramsey cnty, and half isn't. i say battle creek is the only thing that makes sense. but what does it have to do with breakfast??

I went through Crosby for 3 hours today.. NOTHING

as far as luckey.. there is a Luckey 13 Grill and pub in Mendota that Serves Sunday breakfast..There is a path right by there.. That is where I will be tommorow depending on the clue

that luckey 13 bar seems to be something, wonder what tommorows clue is

Lucky's 13 and the path are in DAKOTA COUNTY!! Don't look there you are wasting your time. 100's of people spent hours practically vacuuming the lilydale boat launch and didn't find anything because it's in the wrong County.

Battle Creek, MI is the home town of Kelloggs cereal.

ok, then that makes no sense to go there lol. it must be battle creek. that is in ramsey cnty right?

Yes Battle Creek is in Ramsey County. It's also SE of St. Paul. Unfortunately I don't know how the lucky and Lyle Lovett clues fit in. Figure those two out and you got the golden ticket.

yeah, me neither. how does the breakfast clue get into all this??

alright so is there another clue on sunday or was today's-saturday the last clue!????

Lily Tomlin's real name is Mary, what if Lovett's greatest hit was Julia ROBERTS... anything on robert street? Chip is a nickname for Charles...

Does this help at all?

(btw, when i was looking earlier, it was at crosby park. i went again today and walked around both lakes and only found a geo-caching treasure. My heart was racing when I saw it!)

It's in Prospect Park

i don't think so. I've been looking all morning, along with a lot of other people. no one has found it, and it's not a very likely looking park... any other ideas anyone?

whats todays clue?

where all have you looked this morning?

How about this?
Kellog Blvd (cereal) to west 7th (lucky)
west (toward Lilydale)...
Lyle Lovett-Cowboy Man
Isn't a Highlander a "Cowboy Man" There is a huge gully in Highland Park...
What do you think???

whether you crumple, whether you fold, prospect in the gully and you'll find gold

Crumple, fold and gully are all origami terms...

It's definitely in Lilydale Park (the part that's in St. Paul, not the boat launch). There were a ton of people down there earlier. Lots of gullys in that area. Too bad it rained/snowed last night...the ticket could've been washed away by now, unless they put it in a tree.

The crumple/fold is a toilet paper reference. I was out there looking for a roll of TP or TP in the trees marking the spot.

No, they don't call off the search at some point, as someone suggested. It will be found...eventually. Last year it was found the day after the final clue, but the clues were a lot more specific then. Why so many people at Lilydale park? That's not even Ramsey county!

It is in Ramsey county District 5

Also it does not have to be in the city of Lilydale.. that whole park is considered lilydale. It does not matter if a sign says St.Paul

Although I still don't know what to make of yesterday's clue. Unless it's something in the lyrics of that song.

lilydale park is half in dakota county, and half in ramsey

"it will remain hidden until someone finds it or until it's revealed monday, april 6th at midnight."

guess we dont have all the time we want :(

has anyone found it yet

the hotline says no

Would midnight at monday be tonight or tomorrow night?

tonight to the best my guess. the trib article says it runs through sunday

where is it hidden

If they relase it can we make a mad dash to go after it.

and beat up the clue writer?

how about marydale park?
tomlin's name was mary(what her parents named her). and then the dale clue.
lovett song about the boat "marrying old Dale" for lyrics in it.
orange street nearby for breakfast.
i think there might be a chinese place with fortune in the name nearby. the only clue i can't fit is the south of the second city one. i am too far away to search.

is it south of chicago avenue

chicago is the second city

I'm in Florida now. I thought crumple and fold related to gambling.

it is near a railroad which i believe goes to chicago or may even be called the chicago- st paul railroad. might be worth a try.

but how does the last clue fit? i've already been there this week, and there aren't any gullies or valleys which could bring us to the ticket...and orange is a pretty far stretch for breakfast...

From google "gullies resemble large ditches" in a ditch? like someone else said gully crumble and fold are origami terms-maybe it is folded up in paper. toilet paper has a crumble or fold debate so maybe that. or eggs was mentioned before and breakfast- maybe it is in an egg? just throwing out ideas.

its at the park where hwy 13(lucky) and annapolis street wyoming street is nearby(lyle lovett song cowboy song) there are two big gullies there and the crumple or fold deals with toilet paper so look for t.p. rolls

The first 5 or so clues were (rough) directions to Lilydale Park from the Metrodome.

1. Go East (I-94)
2. Don't go North
3. When you get to St. Paul (2nd city) go South
4. Breakfast=Kellogg Blvd. Exit I-94, right on Kellogg heading southeast-ish
5. Lucky=7th Street
6. This is a stretch, but 7th Street intersects Smith Avenue, which takes you to Lilydale Park
7. I'm on a Boat! Who the hell knows what this clue is saying. Lyrics in the Boat song include "by the shade tree" & "by the light pole"
8. In a gully, possibly marked with toilet paper (last night's weather did not help with this one)

The ticket was probably not lying on the ground. Possibly on a stump/sign/light pole (within reaching distance). It was also likely in a waterproof bag/container of some kind.

Historically they've been pretty lazy about updating the hotline. 2 yrs ago it was printed in the paper that the ticket was found before they updated the hotline...weak.

if all you people would just focus this much time on a homemade ponzi scheme, you'd have enough money to buy your own twins tickets...

You give me 10 tickets I'll turn them into 100 in 2 weeks.

everyone read saturdays clue it refers to lyle lovetts greatest song not songs and cowboy man was his only hit!!!!!

Lucky refers to hwy 13!!you know lucky 13

Hey smart guy i was just at that park off of hwy 13 and annapolis and there is no ticket there

What about "You've got a friend in me?"

this is really starting wear on me

you all are way off. the only reason why i am tellin anyone this is because i already went out and looked and i couldnt find it, but i am sure i am the closest, i think if someone finds it with my clues i should get some tickets. so there is a self guided walking trail in st paul, with 13 points. one of them being kellogg park near the roberts and kellogg in st paul. theres a bunch of boats there as well. and member praire home companion. lily was in that. and another point on the trail is mikey's diner, which is known for its breakfast food. there are just a few points for you all to go off of

But what about the lyle lovett song?

his song hes most famous for is if i had a boat. not cowboy.

according to wikipedia cowboy is his greatest song

i was thinking rice park(right above kellogg blvd) in the beginning but have not looked there. there is a raspberry island park next to lilydale. maybe the boat is needed to go there. Irvine park is in the area. Irvine is a dallas cowboy name and pictures show a fountain with lillies.

Did anyone notice that the rules at www.twinsbaseball.com/goldticket are from last year and have not been updated for this year? They note the dates as 3/23 to 3/29.

I think the Gold Ticket is in the fossil grounds at Lilydale or at least that's were it will end up when no one finds it.

has anyone checked prospect park and prospect terrace park? - they appear to be within walking distance of lilydale park and today's clue said prospect.

To anonymous who posted at 8:55 PM today, if you are so sure your are so close why didn't you find it? Your suggestions on where it is are not even close from past experience if you have been following this over the past several years. The darn clues brings you to Lilydale no matter how you read them, however the park does not fit the the typical hiding place. This has me thinking it's someplace else however I fried my brain on trying to figure that one out.

who's frustrated? i am.

ticket was found

by u? the hotline doesnt say it has

i was there when it was found.....hole in a tree near a bicycle in a lilydale gully


whatever. just because some dude says it was found doesn't mean a thing until we have some other confirmation. I call your bluff buddy!


wow! a hole in a tree near a bicycle- i did not get those from the clues!

i think the lyle lovett clue was the worst! wth was that one? cowboy man was his biggest hit. maybe the other one had a tree line?

the chorus sang about a prairie

was the ticket wrapped in anything? in a plastic bag? i have always wondered about that.

my thought now is the use your legs line was a hint for the bicycle! was the bicycle there the whole time? who leaves a bike in a park for a week? which area was this in of the park?

off the main path before the prairie. you could say the bike was "crumpled". bicycle playing cards(fold)???

Yeah, it hasn't been found yet.

Yeah, it has not been found yet. My guess is that if everyone is looking in lilydale and it hasn't been found, TRY ANOTHER LOCATION NEAR THERE! *hint*hint*

Last year the clues were pretty descriptive as to how or where they were located, Under a tree, under a rock, in a sock. Since they are so vague this year it makes it that much more difficult, what if breakfast and lucky had to do with what it was located in, such as a coffee cup with a cloverleaf?

if you know enough to give hints why dont you have the ticket?

Maybe you should ask yourself....Why would I be looking on this site if i'm not looking for clues.

I think we're all just trying to help each other out here b/c of the difficulty. Thats all.


Is there a clue today? My newspaper was not delivered this morning.

nothing in the paper

Would they put it a piece garbage though? What if some Boy Scout Troop decides to do some community service and clean up the park?

It has not been found - this is according to an e-mail from Kevin Smith with the marketing office at the Twins.

ok...I will clarify a few things for everyone...and I also have a question my self:)..
Yesterdays clue was the last one...they call the hunt off tonight at Midnight..and no one wins. They will reveal where the ticket was and then its over.

My husband and I both agree with the frustration of the clues...they do not lead you to a specific location at all!...we put over 100 miles on our car this weekend and only went to four parks..some more than once.

My question is...How do you all believe it is Lilydale Park?...What does it have to do with Breakfast clue, lucky clue, or lyle lovett song?...

OH and FYI Highlander is a Scottish Soldier...and 13 is an unlucky number..

Ms Tomlin = Lily (Lily Tomlin from SNL)
Chips buddy = Dale (Chip and Dale the cartoon)

It's seems like the only logical answer. Unless they made it that obvious on purpose and tried to throw everyone.

I agree, Kellogg Blvd is the Breakfast reference
7th St is the "lucky" reference
It has to be in Lilydale park, it is the only clue that actually is helpfull

If you read the clue though it is saying Chip's Buddy's Folks NOT the same!...I think the Lily part has nothing to do with the clue!

None of the other clues bring you to Lilydale!..

But Kellogg and 7th dont bring u to Lilydale Park...

The problem with that Lilydale clue is that Dale's parents don't like the name. Somehow that points a negative spin on Lilydale.

Juat a thought, The Lyle Lovett clue refers to Cowboy Man. John Elway was the leader of the Broncos, would that technically be a Cowboy if you hearded or lead horses?
Elway St. leads right into Lilydale park.

I agree completely...any ideas that include Lily but not Dale?

Well, Dales parents named him Dale not Lily. It seems that's the only rhyme that would work with the clue. It just make so much sense.

So what do y'all say we just start firebombing Star Tribune trucks? Find out who the clue writer is and tar and feather him? Who's with me???

Ya, this sucks. I've always wanted to throw out the first pitch at a game. I was so excited at the begining of the week and now it seems that the Star Tribune is just using dedicated Twins Fans to make a buck.

Phone line just updated still not found!!!!

The writer who stated earlier it was found maybe telling the truth and the finder is being a prick by not calling it in (tar & feather him/her). If you follow the last clue, it walks you to a hole in a tree perfectly which looks like a great spot to place it. If you crumple (crumpled tin to the right of the path there’s a dry gully just past it, walk down it). Whether you fold (you fold in cards, Bicycle is a brand of cards and there is a bicycle about 50 feet down the gully). Prospect in the gully (Start searching from the bike in the gully), and you’ll strike gold (go around the bend to the left, you’ll see 3-4 smaller trees in the dry gully, one of them has a perfect 2” hole about 2 feet off the ground which looks like a great place to place the ticket). I hope I’m wrong but the last clue matches too well with what I saw in my opinion.

So, why don't YOU have it then?

Thanks for the follow up Annonymous at 10:59 AM. You're right, it does sound like it matches too well. Unfortunately, the location was about as good as this year's clues.
I don't understand the actual location (being so far off the path) or the fact the clues use trash!

I think we probably all learned how dirty our parks have become over the years - pathetic!

The bicycle thing is a stretch, hardly "matches too well"

call the ticket hotline, they changed the message. it sounds like the're gonna tell us something later today.

To Anonymous at 11:07, I don't have it because I did not read the clues that way on Sunday, however I went back this morning and read them again the way I mentioned and found this location, Coincidence? Maybe? I seem to find many coincidences while I’m out searching. I’m not saying I’m right, it still maybe out there, but in my opinion I don’t think so. If the message does not change by 4PM today, I still may end up out there one more time yet. We’ll see how the day goes and if I feel lucky. By the way, Thank you to the person who started this Blog, it’s been entertaining and possibly helpful to some extent!

The bike in the gully, What park are you talking about?

But how does the breakfast clue and lucky clue, and the song clue fit in?

yeah i agree its been nice to discuss thoughts on the hunt via this site .. but i'm thinking someone needs to get a MESSAGE BOARD dedicated to this hunt like the Pioneer Press has for the Medallion Hunt ... who has TWINS FEVER? ... I DO!!!!!! HOURS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! SCREW THIS GOLD TICKET ... ITS GAME TIME :)

Does anyone have the number for the hotline?


OK. Can antone justify their park/place for every single clue?

i thought it was by lilydale off of 13 and annapolis. Because wyoming steet is nearby and its called the cowboy state and all the clues kinda make sense.

but nothing

a board would be nice. i am still wondering where it was in snail lake park last year. the park was huge but it was full of lookers from day 3 or 4. it was supposed to end at midnight on sunday last year which i thought midnight is the start of the new day so in other words right after 11:59 saturday night but it was found on sunday during the day. :P

yeah, who has even seen what it looks like? why do they not release an image? why has no one that's found it ever taken a picture and put it out on the interweb? and last year, did "cloaked like chicago" mean that it was in a white sock? did they ever say?

Next year I will put it on my board..

I have been putting my findings here.. but I have yet to come up the ticket. check out my site.


I know I just plugged my site but I have been coming here 10 times a day to find out what is going on. Great Blog

someone told me last year it was found in a white sox cup...

also, the bike theory is def. feasible. it doesn't mattter if it doesn't explain the breakfast or lucky or song...The clues each just get you closer, they don't all explain the final location. it's sort of like step by step directions only cryptic...

At this point you have to ask yourself, what would Bert Blyeleven do?

Crack open a Coors and move on?

I'd prefer an MGD myself..... Hmmm that sounds good right now:)

Anyone know what time the Plaza opens tonight?

Theres a Red Bike in the Gully in Lilydale Park.

That still doesn't tell me what time the plaza opens...

4 oclock

NICE! Thank you.

Bert would swear up a storm and drink a six pack

well then how does the breakfast clue, song clue and lucky clue get you closer to lilydale park!..IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!!!

1.not west
2.not north
3.south of second city-st.paul is 2nd largest
4.breakfast-kellogg blvd.
5.luck--robert st. county road 3 /3 is a lucky number and robert intersects with kellogg.
6.ms. tomlin and chip--Head towards lilydale
but the last two clues are confusing me

you can also turn off of kellog onto 7th St (Luckey number 7?)which will also bring you to the lilydale park area

lovett song is killin me

I keep checking the hotline, still same message about more info being released tonight. Also, I think I have a crush on the lady that's leaving the messages, she has a nice voice.

perhaps it's not his biggest hit, but his longest (greatest) song

but the greatest Lyle Lovett song is Cowboy Man....what about Western Ave? I searched the entire area of Lilydale...nothing there...just a lot of people just like me.

Lovett song --> Cowboy --> Wyoming St (Cowboy State) leads right to (or away from) Lilydale Park

Where's western ave?

1. not west
2. not north
3. south of st. paul (mpls./st. paul- 2nd)
4. Kellog Blvd (breakfast)
5. 7th St. (lucky)
7. toward lilydale (Tomlin/Chip)
6. Smith Ave.(Cowboy man - think Emmitt)
7. Toward prospect park, in Gully. I believe crumple and fold has to refer to TP, but not sure how.

Follow it on a map. It seems to make sense. That's my two cents, anyway. I looked for a little bit, but didn't find much.

If it's at Lilydale, then hundreds of people are blind.

yeah if you go by longest song the song is her first mistake.

I looked in Prospect Park and all along Prospect Ave and didn't find anything. Also - I thought that "If I had a boat" was the song - so that would/could just bring you down to/by the river...

Just called the hotline again, man she's dreamy!

Or - people either crumple or fold their money...So - maybe it's along the river "bank" in a gully across of Lilydale Park...

There were over a hundred people in both areas....doesn't make sense....did a squirrel get it?

Maybe that's what you have to do to find it, crumple and fold or get down on your knees and bend over or crouch down

Ya, I think we're all bending over right now and taking it from the Star Tribune.

When I thought 'prospect' I assumed as 'looking for gold'. But prospect can just mean to look out over something. There appears to be an overlook at Prospect Terrace Park. Did anyone check that out?


Yep - there's a really unusual sculpture up there and apparently no one patrolling the area...Lotz of used condoms...


Or, what do you do with a bag of chips when you haven't finished all of them ... crumple or fold?

also, if the ticket shines further south of the 2nd city.... maybe you can see it from W. St. Paul...

I'm not trying to divert anyone from their searches, but has anyone else taken the "second city" clue as referring to Chicago Ave? I've always heard Second City in reference to Chicago

Yes but Chicago ave doesnt seem to work. It goes all the way down into dakota county. Plus all of the other clues seem to work well for the lilydale area

I agree Lilydale works the best....how can we all be fooled and not find it?


LIke for gold in a water?

What pissed me off about Lilydale was all the yellow Gas flags

haha yeah those dang flags!! of course they GOLD!

aghh....I can't take it anymore.

Ya, gold prospects pan for gold. Could it be under water?

I doubt they would have their fans sticking their hands in the freezing water. but then again with these clues they are trying to get us to go crazy, somaybe

I hope it still hasn't been found (so I can go even crazier!!) but I can add up ALL the clues to where they claimed it was found. I didn't look in Lilydale. I was thrown off by thinking it was Dakota County and the clue was saying no to Dale.
Skip the first three basic's(although I sure thought the second city could have been south of Chicago Ave. I wasted a ton of time in spots where chicago Ave stopped. Smith Park, Running Park, parkers picnic grounds)

4th clue--Stroll down 7th street going past Mickey's diner(breakfast food) toward Montreal Ave which goes to elway and lilydale.
5th clue - I think I am spot on with this-- St Patrick's guild has an address on Montreal Way. Look it up. It goes down Montreal ave to Elway and lilydale. 6th clue - I messed this one up thinking no Dale and Lily flowers were bringing me to Crosby Lake. 7th clue someone else mentioned that elway could mean Lovett's Cowboy man song.8th clue - didn't know at all cause hadn't been to lilydale.

Stormy - thanks for posting your thought process but what does Elway have to do with the Cowboy Song?

he was on the broncos which is related to cowboys

how long do we have to find it until the search is over cuz i thought it was over last night at midnight since there are tickets for tonights game in it

I'm going to go prospect the Plaza for beers. I will report back with my findings.

yeah i wonder who will be throwing the first pitch???

go twins future 2009 world series champs

probably just liriano or a lucky fan or a pohlad

I was on Elway today and only one other "looker" around. I thought that Elway would lead the WAY. No such luck. (I too thought that John Elway was a "cowboy" being on the Denver Broncos). There were a lot of "folded" and "crumpled" trees in the area. Lots of gullies too.

i just want star tribune to say where it is

i'm mad too. i wish they'd put another clue out there that just totally gives it up so that at least someone OTHER than the idiotic clue maker can find it. anyone with me??

im leaving work and going to the game!!!!! forget the stupid gold ticket!!!!

sounds like a GREAT idea!!!! the clues are this year just toally stunk. so i'm just gonna forget about this stupid thing, and go watch my TWINS WIN!!!

going to drink some beers on the plaza.. if I have enough I might actually find the ticket

Someone else posted the Elway tie in. Not only is a leader of Broncos a cowboy, the clue states Here's a WAY you can't go wrong. When I found the St Patricks Guild on Montreal Way I thought I was home free. Spent a TON of time in Crosby Lake.

If the Twins need me to I can throw out the first pitch for them.. The least they could seeing all the hours i put in looking for that thing

ps: the finder is suppose to throw the pitch on weds i believe, not tonight :) ... and there are not tix for tonight in the mix of the prizes!

if anyone on this works for startrib, give us a stinkin hint!!!

id settle for a cheap seat and a dome dog

sounds good to me!!

hint: you will not find it because they are going broke and didn't hide it

who you got tonight for msu vs unc

hint: you will not find it because they are going broke and didn't hide it

who you got tonight for msu vs unc

I got UNC!!! the're gonna kick spartan butt

so the hotline recording reads "per the rules it will remain hidden until at least midnight tonight. if more information becomes available it will be added to this voicemail..." Until _at least_ midnight tonight? Sounds like they knew no one would find it. And what "information" would become available aside from someone having found it? I'm with the person who said they need to give another clue. Hell, they should give out the latitude and longitude if they have to!

there are too many park it could be at and it still hasn't said like under a rock or in a tree but just in a gully IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND

yeah, that was me! i saw they give us 3 more clues: one over the phone on the hotline #, 2 on TV during the twins game tonight, and 3, tomorrow in the star trib they post a clue that clears everything up. whatcha think??

star trib needs to get an insider on this blog, so that the itiods that work there can relieze how much pain we're in and then GIVE US A CLUE on where the stinkin thing is!!!!!!!!!!!

why don't they just name the park cuz now it could be at marydale lilydale crosby battlecreek or some random park

yeah, that would help. just tell us what park it's at and then someone will find it.

anyone here?!?!?!


have u gone looking for the ticket yet

so someone on here was making up the story about it being found.


no one is going to find the ticket this year

no one is going to find the ticket this year

cuz i found it

me? yeah, i've spent like 10 hours looking for the dang thing.

WOWOWOWOWO nicw bluff liar

im just kidding

i was only THERE when it was found

no, duh. lol

I second/third that motion! let's all email them, eh?


count me in

Amusing. Someone posed the question to ChaCha...

Where is the Minnesota Twins golden ticket at
If I only knew, I'd be in business or I would tell you and let you have it. Maybe it is in a cereal box? Thanks for using ChaCha!

What'd I tell ya, crumple or fold?

you are all just too young to know that there was more than one famous set of friends that one was named Chip and it wasn't a cartoon they were in...

what about chip from my three sons?

that's what I was thinking

his name was ernest.....ernest and lily?....ernest and mary jane?......doesn't add up....i think its being overcomplicated....it's just lilydale

is anyone going to find it in five hours?

no my 3 sons might make sense!
ernest "ernie" thompson/douglas

it says the folks which is thompson
(the douglas(chip's family adopted him))

and i think the first part is Mary her parents named her Mary not Lily.

my three sons is set in bryant park.

there is a phelps park in minneapolis in the bryant neighborhood, off chicago ave, near a st. mary's church and near elliot street which might be a cowboy name!!!

the breakfast food would be michael phelps was on the cereal boxes.

people used to use the term folks back when my 3 sons was on!

Just got done in harriet park..no luck. There is a bed and breakfast on a boat there

someone look at phelps park there are only 4 and a half hours left to find it it is worth a shot

Hotline says the tickets been found. It doesn't give any details. Happy Twins Opener! Hope you all have a great season.

Hotline says the tickets been found. It doesn't give any details. Happy Twins Opener! Hope you all have a great season.

where was it though

in a hole in a tree by a bike....just like was said last night

Where did you find that info? And why wouldn't they tell us all before we wasted an extra day and a half trying to find it? I mean, no use being upset now I guess. I still had a good time trying to figure it out. :) But how do you know where it was found?

call the hotline to check because im not sure it was even found yet

Yup, just called it. It was definitely found. :(


Where doesit say where it was found?

I would guess south mlps. we've been working the south mpls area all afternoon however we could not make the Chip or the Lyle Lovette connection. we could get all the others to fit! Damn, day late and a dollar short. Congrats to the person who did figure that one out. This one was tougher then last year.


It was me! I found the gold ticket. I was fishing in the Mississippi river and found the ticket inside a fish. The fish had swallowed a toilet paper roll that was wrapped around the gold ticket. Oh and if you are wondering... The fish/ticket was found near Hastings.

NO WAY DUDE......i found the ticket underneath the horse at the playground at prospect park......sorry guys!......we all had fun though so see you next year, and by the way it's gonna be my buddy not me throwing the first pitch on wednesday

it will be interesting to to officially hear where it was. if it was in lilydale by the bike then it was found yesterday as someone said and there was a lack of updating.
i was the one who posted about phelps but i was not able to search. i was just trying the clues. phelps did win a lot of gold also and the use you legs part could mean swimming.

So which is it, the bike/tree or the rocking horse at Prospect Park? It can't be both. I hope the Strib clears this up.

I found it taped to a drunk at the Caffetto coffee shop. I paid him one cash dollar for it.

Rice Park (Cowboy Man is sculpted there during the Winter Carnival.) Off Kellogg, not far from Lilydale. I found it affixed to the bottom of the pool for the fountain, which required a little wading. Crumple fold = rice paper. Kellogg's Rice Krispies for breakfast. Eric can be rearranged to spell "rice." Etc.

For real, where was the ticket found???

I found the ticket. It was in Comiskey Park, crumpled and folded around the leg of a Goose named Gully, who was sittin' in a bowl of Corn Flakes and singin' "She's No Lady." He was a very lucky goose indeed!

damn! i prospected that same goose for like 30 minutes an i didn't see it.

i give up! i don't think we'll ever find it!

i say next year week all go out to the parks the day before, stalk the twins office or tribune, trail them and then find the ticket that way. it would have been easier than trying to solve their clues.

I am so with that. And finding the clue writter to tar and feather them! Go TWINS!

will someone please post were it was just incase i miss the news thank you and GO TWINS!!!!! Except for tonight blahhhh

It has been found but I didnt have a confirm where. congats to the winner. I would not have gotten prospect till the last clue and even then did not give it merit(sorry shay bill getz n who can eye sue)

It has been found but I didnt have a confirm where. congats to the winner. I would not have gotten prospect till the last clue and even then did not give it merit(sorry shay bill getz n who can eye sue)

It was found. Now I am not sure if it was at Battle Creek or not, but I am going to justify each clue and prove why it should have been there.

Clue #1 Not West and two words with double oo's

Clue #2 "to the north is goose eggs" and Maplewood has two oo's

Clue # 3 South of the second city maplewood is south of North St Paul North St Paul is a 2nd city of St. Paul

Clue #4 Battle Creek is where Kellogs is made and there is a path there.

Clue #5 It still could bring you luck today Shamrock strip mall is located on the South West corner of the park and there is a big four leaf clover sign there. Shamrock Appt's are also located down there. It is not St. Pat's day but it still can bring you luck.

Clue # 6 Tomlin's parents would be the Lilly Pad water park on the North West end of the park. The Chips Buddy's folks not the same. A block up from the South West corner of the park is Hillsdale Ave. A hill is "not the same" as a dale. Hillsdale is also the st. that the shamrock appts's are on.

Clue # 7 Lovett's highest song on the charts was Cowboy Man and it is in the title of his anthology 1. So if you go from the Lilly park and walk the path towards Hillsdale, you will see a Well's Fargo bus stop that has a cowboy on it.

"A way you can't go wrong" if this was a crossword clue, I would write in route.

There is a bus and bike route that goes by there.

By the way, at that South West corner is a Shamrock sign, a picture of a cowboy, a sign that says battle creek, a sign that says bike route and it is a block down from hillsdale.

I would really like the clue writers to justify how these do not match.

Clue #8 "prospect in the gully"
right behind the cowboy bus stop bench is a gully with sandstone rocks and flowing water ready to pan for gold.

There it is. I looked for several days and hours.

I am curious of how any other place can prove all 8 clues.

Just saw in the paper that we wont find out until next week where it was found & who found it. That's BS, the Pioneer Press doesn't wait a week to announce Medallion winner. I feel like this treasure hunt is such a joke.

A note about the clue writers.

There is a man and a woman who won the GT contest three years in a row. They would take turns as far as who was the official finder.

The 4th year, the twins did not do the contest.

The 5th year I heard that the Twins hired them to write the clues. I believe that they are still writing the clues now.

I talked to these two at Marydale park the third year they found it.

They are die hard clue hounds and do the St. Paul hunt every winter.

I am not surprised at how hard these clues have been if they are the writers.

Did anyone see the two Star Tibune employees holding the big "Save the Star Tribune" banner at the plaza yesterday. It was pretty funny, two guys at each end of the banner were fighting the wind while walking backwards down the street with this banner when they could have just started at the oposite end of the street and walked forward with it to get the same effect. No wonder the Star Tribune is going out of buisness.

Cant believe i gotta buy more papers next week to see where it was!! Total crap guess who i wont be buying papers from ?

Have to write and say I am the one who found it three years in a row...with friend... Two years ago I did write the clues..when it was at nine mile creek... did not write the clues last year or this. Didn't look last year..but looked long and hard at lilydale north end in the gully. Have no idea where it was found! Good luck to all next year! Go TWINS!

Hey I would love to know where you heard I was writing the clues.. I was very secretive about it....but alas was not asked back ... I think the clues this year stunk..the last clue should get you to the ticket...not to the park and some vague gully! but perhaps that's sour grapes. Watch for me in the winter..and next spring! I'll be out there.

ok i am researching the history a bit here. i started last year and spent lots of time(and $ on gas) searching in the snail lake area. thankfully this year i was out of town and saved myself the search time, but i have still been following the clues.
2005 showed up on searches.


2006- i can not find any information. someone said there was not a search that year. ?

Mocha Dan: I follow your logic (and was also excited when I passed the Shamrock Plaza on my way to BCRP last week) but there seems to be some serious stretches/coincidences in there. One could make a argument for any park west of the Dome with similar leaps of logic.

Eric: WTF does this have to do with anything? "Eric can be rearranged to spell "rice." Etc."

Anonymouses: Y'all are liars.

did anyone see anything in the paper last year? the only thing i saw was the twins press release- no explaining of the clues. so i do not expect to see any this year. they will say the winner and the park. and with the season beginning the fans will just forget about the hunt and move on until next year.

found some clues from and information on what i think was the first hunt in 2003.
pearl park on day 3

I was pretty sure as of Sunday that it was in Indian Mounds Park. Sick as a dog all weekend, didn't get out to try and zero in on it or see if I was really on to anything.

Starting from the teflon roof, heading west would be a goof.

East of the Dome.

Get out and search and use those legs, but to the north there's just goose eggs

South of the Dome

Further south of the second City the golden ticket shines so pretty

South of St. Paul

If you like your breakfast food, this path will get you in the mood

Follow Kellog Blvd. East.

It still could bring you luck today, should you decided to go this way

Kellogg ends at commercial street- which is a horseshoe. Taking Commercial street spits you out on Mounds Blvd.heading right into the park.

Ms. Tomlin's parents liked the name Chip's buddy's folks not the same

Here's the leap of faith that might totally disprove my theory. I assume "Dale" is a red herring because of the implication that it's not liked. If that's right and it's only "Lily" we're focusing on, Lily (or Lilly) was an archaeologist of renown about 100 years ago who specialized in Indian Mounds.

Here's a way you can't go wrong think of Lyle Lovett's greatest song

Cowboy Man - "Cowboys and Indians"

Whether you crumple, whether you fold, prospect in the gully and you'll find gold

There's a TON of features like this in Indian Mounds. There was a natural culvert that had been filled in when the park was scaped way back when, and that would have been my first place to check, but there's also spaces between the mounds, little natural gulleys, etc.

Not that I'm convinced it was there- we'll find out soon enough- but the clues were so obtuse that this interperetation of them doesn't make any less sense than any other I've seen... It's every bit as likely that it was under a beermat at the Deuce Deuce with how weird the clues were this time.

I also searched Indian Mound Park on Saturday morning after the Lyle Lovett clue. If the ticket wasn't in either Indian Mound or Battle Creek Park, then they seriously were too deceptive.

All that Lilydale stuff was nonsense.

Thanks for the posts above with links to previous years' clues.

Does anyone on here know of any other similar wild goose chases going on in the metro area before next year's St Paul Winter Carnival medallion hunt and Twins Gold Ticket (assuming the Strib is still afloat)? I've got a fevah... and the only cure is more fruitless searching of public places!

Isn't Kellogg Blvd in St. Paul how could you go from "South of the second city", right back into it with Kellogg Blvd? To me this clue with the breakfast clue screwed everything up.

I agree, it was fun even if i didn't find the ticket and was frustrated and swearing half the time. I felt like i was in the Goonies!

It was fun! The first year the prize was all the extra stuff plus SEASON tickets.. that's 182 tickets!!! in a good section. The next year it was 1/2 a season and from then on Flex 40. It's a great hunt but this year's clues are pretty bizarre. Either they are GREAT or they are TERRIBLE...can't decide. You have me convinced nearly that the DALE was a red herring...but where then? Thought the crumple and fold referred to NORTHERN most bit of Lilydale...but maybe you are right..Indian Mounds. or Cherokee.. but what about the clue that said south of the second city..?? second city is St. Paul.. and so far it's all in St. Paul....unless it went into Dakota County...

There are only 162 games in a season, and half of them are away...so full season tickets covers 81 games. The Flex 40 gets you into half the home games.

i think we should still go have a look near that bike

Why didn't the Star-Tribune print the location today since someone apparently found it yesterday (early evening at the latest)? If they don't print it tomorrow along with their clue explanations, I might have to start mailing them my turds from here on out.

Another spot that fit the clues perfectly is Western Park in St. Paul.

1st two clues--basic
3rd South of Chicago--there is a Chicago Nike sculpture in the park
4th Kellogg blvd runs almost all the way to it and becomes Marion St
5th horseshoe park is just a bit north on marion
6th marion street for mary tomlin
7th western park for lyle lovett song or even marion st(marrying dale part of if i had a boat)
8th -- plenty of gully areas in the park.

screw the ticket...
has anyone seen a bike? I lost it near a park in south saint paul

i think i left it in a gully


I can't even sleep i want to know the answer so bad!!!!!!!!

still no answer...

anyone at the game last night the winner was supposed to throw the first pitch????
"Opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before Twins game on Wednesday, April 8"

I hired a guy to smuggle in a firearm to the Dome last night and take out this supposed Gold Ticket finder but I'm guessing he just took the up-front money and ran since there's nothing in the paper today about a shooting at the game. Hey, guess what, there's also nothing in the paper today about WHERE THE F WAS THAT G.D. GOLD TICKET FOUND AND WTF DID ALL THOSE HORSESHIT CLUES MEAN!!!

Hmmm! Near the boat launch in LilyDale park in a Gully? That's interesting since that area is in DAKOTA COUNTY.... More interesting is that area was flooded earlier in the week(Tuesdady-Wednedsay), except for the high ground were they were taking out trees and the area with the car buried in the ground, oh wait, that was Dakota County also....

Oops, Can't spell Tuesday or Wednesday... Sorry!

The clues took you to the right area for the most part, except it was either in the wrong County or darn close to being in the wrong county. The clues as written (not the way I perceived the Lucky Clue however) certainly take you into the wrong county since County road 13 is not even in Ramsey or Hennepin County. Oh well, maybe they made a mistake (they're human) with it's location since St.Paul does manage the park (Ramsey) and Boat Launch (Dakota)for some reason. I hope they do it next year again since they get me to parks I never knew existed year after year.

forgive me of my lack of lyle lovett knowledge. I only know what I learn from wikipedia which is not the best source in the world. But... given wikipedia lists If I Had a Boat as only reaching number 60 on the charts while several other songs were in the top 20 a little misleading? Isn't that like claiming Michael Jackson is best known for his recording of The Girl is Mine?

Wow, these were the lamest clues ever, connecting Kellogg ave to 35E and then down to hwy 13, Why even put the breakfast clue in there???? Kellogg had nothing to do with the Lilydale area. I only spent about 10 minutes in the boat launch because it was in Dakota county.

StarTribune article- found in Lilydale in a gully near the boat launch under a rock in a toilet paper role!

If you look in the Star Tribune there is a "correction" email address that you can let the Star Tribune know if they'd made a mistake. Send a email to them if you were frustrated that the ticket was hidden in the wrong county! That should make the contest null and void and they should do it over again. Anyone interested? I'd love to play again!

So here is a link to the Star-Tribune's announcement and weak-assed clue explanations: http://pd.startribune.com/sp?aff=2181§ion=frame&results=products&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpd.startribune.com%2Fclick.ad%3FviewId%3D640924645%26sId%3D387983773%26pId%3D33

At the risk of sounding like a sore loser, apparently next year (assuming the Strib hasn't folded or crumpled) I should smoke a lot of PCP before reading the clues so as not to over-think them.

That link doesn't work disgruntled but I get what you mean. 13 is lucky for some people?!!? 13 is an unlucky number. Also I still want to hear why the golden ticket was in Dakota County.

The Star Trib. responded that the ticket was hidden and clues written by the Twins organization. They said they also consulted with the St. Paul Parks before hiding it there. It's interesting that the "rules" for this year are actually from last year but do state that it will be in Hennepin or Ramsey County.

"It still could bring you luck today, should you decided to go this way." The key to this clue is that "it still could bring you luck today"...although 13 is seen as a lucky number in rebel/tattoo culture today, in the 40's and 50's "lucky 13" was commonplace in the United States. Retail/grocery stores would have Lucky 13 sales all the time. 13 has a much longer history as a lucky number (much of it being religious based). "Friday the 13th" had a big part in permanently changing peoples views on this number (in the US).

The worst and most misleading clue was the Lyle Lovett one. Don't use the word greatest if you're not referring to "Cowboy Man." We all wanted to believe that "If I Had a Boat" was the song (even though its chart position was much lower), but the fact that no one could give a straight answer about the boat launch being in Dakota or Ramsey county only muddied up this possibility even more. After looking at a bunch of maps and consulting police officers at the site I was convinced that this was NOT Ramsey county!

The less thought you put into these clues the better off you were. If you tried to go by the rules/clues you ended up in a gully in Lilydale Regional Park or some even stretched them to Battle Creek. The Twins/Star Tribune should be ashamed and apologize for wasting everyones time.

Good synopsis Bad Clues. The Boat Launch IS in Dakota County and no way is Boat, Lyle Lovett's "greatest" song. The Lilydale clue was lame too. Why did they put the negative on the Dale part of Lilydale? They could have easily said:

Ms. Tomlin's parents liked the name Chip's buddy's folks felt the same

the thing that pisses me off though is that Tomlin's parents DIDN'T name her Lily..they named her Mary. Her moms name was Lily...
13 is not luck...they never put it on an elevator????

And the whole Lyle Lovett thing was VERY confusing....in the clue it said think of his greatest song....but in the definition it said one of his greatest songs...so they were very unclear on this specific clue..:(

Im still waiting for the Kellogg explanation anyone?.....bueller?

Just got a email from twins they are cancelling the gold ticket from now on.They said they researched the spot with the ramsey county and st. paul parks dept and they did nothing wrong.

I'd love to see a copy of that e-mail.

We received the same "didn't do anything wrong" email from the Twins PR person. They said the clues and hiding was done by the advertising firm that the Twins had hired. You can't blame them for trying to c.y.a. but it's too bad they had to pay someone that didn't know the rules! You can google the firm- maybe they can explain? It looks like this years contest was doomed from the beginning if they couldn't even get the county it's hidden in correct! I hope they don't end the contest as it's a great way to get people outdoors and get the baseball season started.

:) My sister found the golden ticket. :)

It was in the Lillydale Boat Launch.

You had to go through the woods a little bit.
There was a trail that you could walk on. And if you want on the small hill.. and in the gully there was a whole bunch of sticks, leaves, branches, blah blah blah.
She saw out the corner of her eye a gold thing.
She looked over and saw it in a toilet paper roll.
She picked it up and was like: I FOUND IT!
I was with our mother about 100 feet in front of her.
I was in disbelief when I turned around and saw her flinging it around.
We found it April 6th, 2009 at around 6:30PM.
No one was there looking when we got there, but they had been there all week while we were looking.

:) Can't believe it was almost a year ago!

I noticed this was written a while ago and still gets comments! I always appreciate your tips. I often wonder if it takes one of two comments to get the ball rolling.Very good job. Thanks again.

I'm pretty sure the second city is Chicago and nothing else!

If only more people would hear this..

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