2009 Twins Golden Ticket


It's time for the Twins Golden Ticket once again. Having been in the exact park 2 of the last three years on the day it was found has only made me that much more obsessed with finding the dang thing. I don't care about the 40 free Twins tickets or free vacation. I just want to find the get the golden ticket before someone else does.

Sunday's clue tells us which direction:

Starting from the teflon roof, heading west would be a goof.

O.k. It's east of the dome. From past years, the word goof doesn't play into the clue, but I will keep it in the back of my mind. I don't think we will have a good locational clue until about Tuesday.

Remember the ticket is only in Ramsey or Hennepin Counties. It was in Ramsey County last year and I was hoping it was in Hennepin this year since that is where I live, but right now probably St. Paul area again.


If you don't care about the 40 free tickets and vacation, can I have them?

Nice. I guess I should say that the 40 free tickets and vacation aren't my motivators. But since you asked, if I win, I will make sure you get some of the baseball tickets. (The trip is mine, unless I want to face the wrath of my wife!)

Monday's Clue wasn't a big help:

Get out and search and use those legs, but to the north there's just goose eggs.

Must be off some sort of trail southeast of the dome. I think Tuesday will help a lot and I will probably do a separate post

Well there is also Minnehaha Falls as well as all the trails that run along the Mississippi to Fort Snelling (if the ticket is in Hennepin County!).

I hear you Will, but today's clue says south of the 2nd City. Minnehaha Falls is in Minneapolis.

I am definitely thinking Fort Snelling Park unless Wednesday's clue points me elsewhere. Second guess is along the MN river in Bloomington.

FYI -- I dont think it'll be in Fort Snelling State Park as it's a pay-to-enter park. Good luck to you!


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