My Favorite Things -- Barbara Lukermann


If you been involved in urban planning in the Twin Cities over the past 25 years you undoubtedly came across Barbara Lukermann. As a Senior Fellow and teacher at the Humphrey Institute, Barbara Lukermann was one of those teachers who greatly cared for her students and was truly interested in how they did inside and outside the classroom. Not only was she a great teacher she was a pretty damn good urban planner and provided years of service to the Twin Cities area as it tackled many issues of regional governance.

One of my great regrets in not finishing my Master Degree was that I disappointed Barbara Lukermann. Even up to a couple of years ago, she would see me and say "it's not too late, we can always figure something out." Now I left the Master program in 1990 so we're talking almost 20 years here. But that's how she was, she didn't forget any of her students and wanted what was best for them.

Barbara Lukermann died last week of cancer at the age of 79. A memorial service will be held at the Humphrey Institute on Tuesday at 4:00. She will be greatly missed.


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