The Sweet 16 Rocks!


There's been some discussion this week that the lack of upsets has made for a boring NCAA tournament and that this year's Sweet 16 is boring because it consists of all 1s, 2s, 3s, and two of the 4 seeds. The Strib's Myron Medcalf stated that casual fans have no rooting interest in the remaining teams.

That is a bunch of garbage. This weekend's games are destined to be classics. If you aren't looking forward to Duke v. Villanova or UConn v. Purdue, then you don't like basketball. Tomorrow's Michigan State V. Kansas promises to be a war, and I can't wait to watch. Who wants to see Butler lose by 18 to Pitt when they can have a strong Xavier team instead. Also of some of the teams that were left out of the tournament like Creighton or St. Mary's, they couldn't even get to the NIT finals, I doubt they'd still be playing this weekend.

This looks to be one of most exciting final rounds in years and frankly I can't wait for the games to begin. I have 15 of 16 teams still alive in my bracket but I do have some worrisome games. I have Xavier over Pitt, Villanova over Duke, UConn over Purdue and Memphis over Missouri tonight. MSU over Kansas, Gonzaga over UNC, Oklahoma over Syracuse, and Louisville over Arizona. About 5 of those are locks.


Wow, Gonzaga over UNC? That's bold. And if you're right, probably a bracket-win-clincher.

Yea but I took in the shorts by Memphis losing. Also I was banking on Ty Lawson not playing or being ineffective.

Pitt over Kansas. It could still happen. (And the Heels will spank the Zags.)

I had Memphis losing last night. To Maryland...

IF Ty Lawson's a shell of himself, Zags still win.

I think I need Missouri to win it all for my bracket to have any meaning.


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