Florida, Twins Golden Ticket


I'm in Florida and it's 80s and muggy. I've kayaked and played golf today. But the best thing about Florida is that I haven't had to waste my time looking for the frakkin' TWINS GOLDEN TICKET. Which remains to be found.

So slow blogging this week, but to all who have stopped by to comment on the search, thanks for coming. I hope you check out the blog some more. I usually talk about music, sports, and other things of interest.

So go Twins, Go Go is gonna hit 20 homers this year and Slowely will be in the running for Cy Young. I can't see the game down here in Fort Myers but I will be rooting on those Spartans.

When I get back, let's form a posse and take out who ever came up with those Golden Ticket Clues


You appear to be in Ft. Meyers about a week too late.

Unless... freealonzo IS Joe Mauer!

His back aching from searching under rocks and in trees for the Twins Golden Ticket, Mauer remains in Ft. Myers to rehab and get ready for the regular season. It all makes so much sense.

oops you think that you are at the way what you are talking about
Pak Tech

As we were coming down south Twins headed north. I need to time that better next time.

Mauer hit a homerun at batting practice today, it was in all the newspapers!


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