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My Favorite Things -- Crazy Republicans

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There nothing like two consecutive election loses and a black president with a Muslim sounding funny name to bring out the crazies in the Republican Party. From Minnesota’s own Michelle Bachman espousing armed rebellion to Fox News’ Glenn Beck channeling Howard Beale to GOP leader Michael Steele trying to bring “hip-hop” sensibility to an über-white political party with its base of support in the rural south, it appears that the Republican’s are having a nervous breakdown right in our living rooms, all in glorious HD television.

In the last month, Republicans have offered alternative federal budgets with no actual numbers, elevated Rush Limbaugh to national spokesman, and come out against volcano monitoring funding literally days before a volcano began ominous rumblings in Alaska. Republicans were against the stimulus, except for those project that benefited their own districts and states and against helping out the car makers in Detroit because the foreign manufacturers in their states wouldn’t benefit.

The nadir was probably this weekend when on the Sunday talk shows Republicans like Newt Gringrich were practically rooting on the Somalian pirates, blaming President Obama for the ultimate death of the kidnapped captain. Of course it was only a few hours later when Special Forces snipers, on orders from the President, ended the kidnapping and killed three pirates.

Now of course it’s a lot of fun watching Republicans and conservatives fall on their face, rely on the same old tired ideas that have been discredited and rejected, and be spoofed tirelessly on television (see video above). Unfortunately there is a dark side to their wackiness. By all accounts the gunman in Pittsburgh who killed three cops was driven to his murderous behavior by the rantings on the right, worried that his guns were going to be taken away. Three families no longer have a father and husband because someone was led astray by lunatics on the right. Who’s next, when will someone actually take Michelle Bachman seriously and try armed resistance? So we can laugh at the crazies but let’s keep on our toes. Point out the hypocrisy, the nuttiness. The republicans are digging their own graves, let’s make sure we keep handing them shovels.


Glen Beck has always been nuts, but he has really gone off the deep end.

How does a guy like that get his own show?

This is excellent. It's kind of fun to see the Republicans imploding on their crazy selves. The tea parties, the stuff you see them saying and doing on FauxNews...well, you can't make this shit up! LOL!

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