Noah and the Whale -- 7th Street Entry


Because my 15-year old daughter’s musical tastes are too cool for her Catholic high school, she couldn’t talk anyone into going to see Noah and the Whale this past Friday night at the 7th Street Entry for an all-ages show. We’ve raised her right and she didn’t want to go by herself so she was kinda bummed. Since I am a nice dad, I volunteered to tag along and accompany her to her first event at The Entry.

Now I never heard of Noah and the Whale so I quickly checked out a you tube video before we hit the road and it seemed like they would be ok. I put on my black Elvis shirt and since the weather was coolish, put on an unbuttoned flannel shirt over it. Wanted to look the part of a Entry denizen and cool dad. Doors opened at 6:00 with Noah and the Whale set for around 8:00. We got there in time to see most of the opening act, a sensitive singer songwriter on acoustic guitar.

It’s been a couple of years since I was at the entry and it was as dark as usual. The all-ages crowd ranged from about 16-20 (mostly female) and I don’t think I saw another dad or mom in the crowd. We were able to easily snake our way to the front of the stage. I also went to see if they would serve beer to grown-ups. No such luck which is probably a good thing for an all-ages show.

Noah and the Whale were actually pretty good and I enjoyed them a lot. Very pop sounding and their M.O. was to start off very slow and then would ramp it up until by the end of the song, they were jamming. It wasn’t Nirvana-like slow then explosion, but more a gradual increase in intensity. Many songs ended with much thrashing and wailing.

They played for about an hour and then set up camp by the t-shirts where anyone could talk to the band members and get pictures, which was a nice way to connect with the kids. My daughter had a blast and I was glad she was enjoying guitar-based music, as opposed to the stuff you usually hear on KDWB. On the way home I regaled her with stories of Entry shows past (edited for age-appropriateness) and we stopped at Pizza Luce for a slice before we got home. By 10:00 we were in the drive-way, with band t-shirt and good memories to remind of us of her first show at the 7th Street Entry.


Nicely done. I don't even remember who my first Entry show was--it's all a blur to me now.

Free - that is pretty cool. It's important kids listen to good tunes early so they don't get sucked into the Britney Spears crowd or something.

My oldest son is 13 and has asked me to take him to the next Wilco show that is in town, so I guess we're off to a good start.

Jeff, I took C. to that Wilco show at Northrop when he was 12 and loved it. Probably the youngest guy there. Wilco is play the 10K lakes Fest up in Detroit Lakes this summer, only local date I know of. So you guys could camp out and hang with the hippies!!

Although, the gal doesn't like Britany Spears, there's plenty on he i-pod that to her father's ears is embarrassing. Her tastes are pretty catholic: She listens to LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, Jo Bros, and ABBA!

You do know that Tweedy is big ABBA fan, right?

good stuff, Alonzo. My son is 9 and pretty hard rockin' (thank god) but is not a fan at all of real loudness, so I'm not sure how the first indoor show is going to go. Sounds like a good bonding moment for you and your daughter. So are you going to let her borrow your new t-shirt?!

Wilco at the Detroit Lakes festival would be quite an education for my son, what with all the funny cigarettes and stuff.

At least I hope it would be.....

Funny Bruce, t-shirt wasn't for me, it was for the girl.

Green Day is coming out with a new album and tour, maybe you could go to a Green Day show. The American Idiot tour was the first concert me and my son went to.

Yeah bookmaking this wasn't a high risk decision outstanding post! .


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