Obama's First 100 Days

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It’s really a meaningless benchmark but everyone is talking about it so what the heck, how’s Obama doing after 100 days?

One thing Obama has going for him was that the bar was set so low with GWB. Most people wanted Guantanamo closed, unrestricted stem cell research, more reliance on science in policy considerations, the tax system more reliant on the those with higher incomes, reduction of troops in Iraq… I think most rationale people are relieved that grown ups are running things now.

However, grumbling isn’t coming just from a dying republican party, fox news, and old white cranks uncomfortable with a black president. Liberals too have complained about Wall Street getting off scot-free in the bailout measures, torturers not being prosecuted, state secrecy policies closer to the Bush Administration than most feel comfortable with…Obama has not been the Great Liberal Messiah some had hoped.

Me, I am generally pretty happy with how things are going. Any concerns that this President didn’t have the cojones to be president have long been set aside. Has he done everything I hoped we would in the first 100 days? No way. But neither has my boss, wife, kids, or anyone else I know. It’s unreasonable to think that anyone would act the way you always want them to. Has Obama gotten the important things right? In my opinion he has and that’s why I look forward to the next 7-3/4 years of an Obama Administration.

Overall Grade: B+

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Hey Guys,

Actually an Augsburg College guy. But wanted to start participating in this active blog. B+ alright kinda feel as though he is busting his ass but maybe spreading himself a little bit thin. Saw a great article on Lake Chapala. Maybe you guys could blog about that as well as it seems to be a great concern to several MN's.


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