Twins April Report Card



The Minnesota Twins finish their first month of the season at .500, ½ game out of first in the AL Central. Considering that Baker and Liriano haven’t won a game and Joe Mauer hasn’t played one inning yet, these results are ok. However there are some troubling trends. Here’s a one month review:

The Good: Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel, Denard Span, Glen Perkins, Kevin Slowey

The o.k.: Blackburn, Gardy, Morales, Punto, Delmon Young, Buscher, Harris, Liriano, Joe Nathan

The ugly: Baker, Casilla, Gomez, Cuddyer

The Twins have looked awful at times and Gomez, Casilla, and Cuddyer have been absolutely wretched. One hopes that Gomez and Casilla can turn it around. I think Cuddyer is destined to be a mediocre player. Hopefully with Mauer back, not only will we get more timely hitting, but our defense can improve too.

The A.L. Central is wide open and it should only take about 90-92 to win it all. Hopefully a little more consistent hitting, and better relief pitching can bring the Twins another Central Division championship. At least on May 1st, it’s still a possibility.

What do you think of the Twins chances?


I have to finally admit that the Garza/Bartlett for Young/Harris trade is looking like a failure from the Twins perspective.

Young is an underachiever at the plate and brutal in the field.

I hear you Jeff, although I thought Delmon has played better in the field lately.

I thought we saw a nice representation of that trade the other night when Jason Bartlett hit a HR over Delmon's head.

It seems to me that the Twins are perennial so starters with less than impressive Aprils. There's 140 or so games left, let's see what the boys can do.


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