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From my hairline to responsibilities of mortgage, kids, work, etc., I feel and look everyone one of my 46 years. Sure I'll go to the Uptown Bar on a Friday night, throwback a bunch of Summits and rock out with The 757s like the next urban hipster, but the next day I'm driving the kids all around the metro area or working in the yard. Those fun Friday's make the obligations on Saturday that much more bearable (even with a slight hangover).

So why am I geeked out like a 14 year old over two upcoming pop cultural events? Am I just immature? Denying my unstoppable agedness? Bored with "adult fare?" Probably a combination of all three to be honest.

So this weekend I'll probably be line for the latest Star Trek movie enthralled with not only a promised sci-fi epic, but having a critical eye toward how Sulu, Scotty, Bones, etc are portrayed on the screen. Does the movie re-launch Star Trek as a movie franchise or will it just be a cool movie. There is a difference.

Then a week later, I will be anticipating the new Green Day Album, 21st Century Breakdown, which according to the hype is a worthy successor to American Idiot. Will it rock out? Has Green Day finally sold out? Will "the story" make sense? These will be questions going through my mind as I listen to the album.

So that's what I have to look forward to over the next 10 days. Is it meaty stuff? Heck no, but it does have me up in a lather. I'm just happy I don't have to obssess over whether "Jenna" likes me or not.

So what are you in a geek lather about this Spring/Summer?


So, how were the 757's?

The 757s were a blast! They were pretty tight too as they were celebrating the release of their new album, so the show didn't fall into a goofy cover band. Paul Pirner sounds just like his brother and a couple of songs are definitely Soul Asylumish.

All and all a great time and will be looking out for their next show.


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