Construction Week -- TCF Bank Stadium

Another chapter of Construction Week -- TCF Bank Stadium! Now the first game is less than 4 months away so things are wrapping up and there's not a lot different to see. They put the field turf in over the weekend which you can see below. All in all the stadium is going to be quite handsome. I can't wait.

Here you can see the Field Turf installed

Back of the 2nd largest replay screen in all of college football


Not sure if I like that metal awning as part of the arch

Like I said a handsome stadium

Part of the public art on the plaza


If interested there's a lot more photos and videos of the stadium on-line. Just google TCF Bank Stadium. Coach Brewster has his own youtube page with videos inside and outside the stadium. Goldy's Facebook page also has hundreds of photos from all over the construction site. Clearly the Gophers understand web-based marketing much better than the Twins.


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