Normally I don’t opine on the Vikings, especially during the off-season. But as someone who used to have a Brett Favre Interception Watch on this blog for at least two NFL seasons, I just can’t help but comment on the big news.

I for one thinks it would be great if Favre became a Viking. Not because I think he will necessarily deliver a Super Bowl to long suffering fans (although I think he’s a better option than T-Jack or Sage). No I want him here for the spectacle of the thing, for the machinations Packer fans will go through if Favre wears Purple and Gold. I want the drama that only a drama queen like Brett Favre would bring. I want Packer fans confused, hurt, angry.

Even the most dyed-in-the-wool Vikings fan had to admit that Favre was a great quarterback and secretly longed for someone like him at the helm of the Viking’s ship. We also knew he was a preening prima donna – something Packer fans could never admit. Now they are faced with the truth and what could be better than having #4, in purple, beating the Packers at Lambeau?

So I say, c’mon Chilly, get your butt down to Mississippi, kiss Favre’s ass and bring him back up to Minny. We want the spectacle. We want the drama. We want cheeseheads to explode in a gooey mess of melted Colby jack broken pretzels, and stale beer


Go Vikes! And take the Wolves with ya...

Under that scenario, KFAN would have to turn off the lights and give the keys to a classical music format.

You say that like it would be a bad thing.

Bring it on!

Vikings suck. I picked my TCF Stadium seat today.

Sec: 138, Row: 3, Seat #10


As a Seahawks fan I'm couldn't be less qualified to comment upon anything Viking or Black and Blue division, for that matter. But as an NFL fan I'm bored stupid with Brett Favre. Don't go away mad, Brett, just go away.

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